OSX 10.6.1 SnowLeopard on the eee 1000HE – Part 1

This video is the first part of a two part video tutorials on how to install OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.1 on the Asus EEE PC 1000HE.

This should work similarly for the other models of the eee family.

Watch part 2

The new install package can be downloaded here.

Update: New installation package


  • Sleep should work now
  • Brightness fix
  • Bluetoth fix
  • Ethernet fix

Existing users just replace /Extra folder with the new one.


USB boot problems

AFAIK, if you only get a blinking cursor (no boot0 or boot1 failed) then the boot0 file has not been correctly written.

Otherwise it is probably the boot1h file.

  • Make sure that you are in the right directory.
    Type “ls -l” and make sure that you have a bunch bootXX files in the list
  • Make sure that you got the right disk ID (you’ll need the one that has the capacity of your USB drive)

Screen shot 2009-10-22 at 10.14.36(and no, a 4GB stick will NOT work, but it was the only one lying around to illustrate the problem)

  • Make sure you type : sudo fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdiskXXX AND replace the XXX with the ID of your USB stick
    Make sure that you type your password at this moment
    There is no message after you do that (even if it fails)
  • Make sure you type: sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXXXs2 AND replace the XXX with the ID of your USB stick
    There you should get a message on several lines saying something about “XXX bytes transferred….”
  • Make sure you have a file named boot in your root
  • Check with “ls -l /” –> you must have a file named “boot” in this list

That should do it.

Post Installation problems

Wrong screen resolution, no sleep, … don’t panic:

  • Open a terminal
  • Type:

cd /Extra
mv Extensions.mkext Extensions_COPY.mkext
sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh

  • then type your password.
  • Check that a new Extensions.mkext file has been created.
  • Reboot


There are two types of Wifi cards that are used to build the 1000HE:

  • The NE766 : You’ll have to get the OSX drivers from the Ralink homepage
  • The NE771 : It seems that this card is working out of the box (tested by Paolo)

I swapped my Wifi card just in the beginning for a compatible Airport device (Broadcom BCM 94321MC 802.11n), so unfortunately I cannot test this.



At the moment the brightness adjustment is not working.

I’m looking into this…

WARNING: Even though I don’t experience any problems, there are some reports that the graphics performance under SnowLeopard may be quite slow for some installs (around 30% of Leopard).

You can follow this topic here.



At the moment the ethernet port is not working.

I’m looking into this…



Not tested


  1. Ryan says:

    Hi everybody.

    I’m new to Hackintoshes, and I just wanted to say, you’ve got a great tutorial! I don’t have access to a real Mac computer, and I wanted to figure out how to do it without owning a Mac. I followed a tutorial on installing iDeneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6), but even though the installation claimed to be successful it got stuck on the Apple logo every time I tried to do post-installation bootings of iDeneb. Also note that I’m dual-booting with Windows XP.

    And BTW, I am using a 1000HE, just for your information. :)


    P.S. I tried installing Snow Leopard 10.6.6 by Hazard in VirtualBox, but it crashed with a double kernel panic barely a tenth of the way through the installation process. I was using a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop for the VirtualBox installation because it was the only computer in my house that had a dual-core processor with VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration.

  2. Sura says:

    Hello! Would the installation work as well with a Mac OS X Lion, 10.7.x? I have a eee pc 1000. Thanks, Sura

    • admin says:

      Nope, the Atom processors are not supported by Lion as far as I know.

  3. Julian says:

    Hey i’m german and my eeepc 1000h stops by the loading screen for the installation… what happens?

    Can you help me?

    Thank u Julian

  4. Lala says:

    Hi, my install disk has 10.6.1 and it installs ok (No sound though) but am stuck at a 800×600 resolution. Any way of fixing this?

    • admin says:

      Please use the kexts that are provided in the last package (seee the download section).
      And make sure you follow BOTH video tutorials on this site.

  5. Jose H says:

    Hey, I successfully installed Snow Leopard 10.6.0 on my 1000HE, thank you so much!I have one problem though, I cannnot update to 10.6.1. I try the Software Update app and it only gives me the choice of “Mac OS X Update Combined” which is listed as 10.6.5.I assume it’s not safe..Is there a way to get the 10.6.1 update on my eee pc? Thank you

  6. Joe says:

    Hi,I have been going crazy trying to install Snow Leopard on my Asus eeePC 1000HE, 2gb Ram and Bios 1104 (latest from Asus).. I have followed your videos as well as many other install guides.. I cannot get it to boot from the hard drive after the install. I have tried the original 10.6.0 as well as 10.6.3 and just have hit a dead end.  Can you offer any help?

    • Jesse says:

      have you used the corect dsdt? the one that caters for 2gb ram?

  7. Driving Lights · says:

    the new versions of Asus Eee are even more portable and have more features that is why i like these gadgets “

  8. Redhead says:

    I’ve managed to get the 1000H to boot from the HD now. However, I am unable to get bluetooth or wifi to work.

  9. Redhead says:

    i cannot get any of the changes to take place after the install. Specifically, when attempt the terminal command i get an error. “_CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35″help me please!thanks

  10. Shelby Howland says:

    Hi there all, I would bet that someone has already talked about this but I could not find it in the comments so I will just ask anyways.Once I get the installer to start up the window for the installer is too big and I can not se the bottom of the window, so as to click on the continue button.I could really use some help on this considering that this could cause me quite an issue.

  11. farfel says:

    Do you know if the 1000HE can be upgraded to Snow 10.6.3 (seems like 10.6.4 might be stretch from what I’ve read elsewhere…) or should I just leave it at 10.6.1? I’m expecting delivery later this week and excited about getting started on this project. Thanks in advance.

  12. Stephane says:

    HiI have snow leoard install on my imac and i want to install snow leopard on my  eee 1000he. When i’m in the terminal makind the boot, i past “sudo cp ./boot /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/” and it’s sais that cp: directory /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD does not exist… everyting is like it is in the video… Help please. I have wored on this for about 3 days…Thanks

    • jake says:

      i’m having the same issue. any solution yet?

  13. Costas says:

    Hello, I followed your instructions and got through to 10.6 But when I try to update I am offered only 10.6.4 as an option & after upgrading   the netbook will not boot at all.Any advice?

  14. Finlay Richardson says:

    i alway use my Asus EEE PC when i am out of town because it is very light;-:

  15. Mat says:

    Using this method I’ve been running 10.6.3 for quite a while now, all working just fine.Software update keeps offering me 10.6.4 though, and I’m cautious about installing it.  Has anyone tried this?I’m tempted to try to clone the drive so that I have a way to revert, but it seems like a lot of work. 

  16. Max says:

    Hi !I have a eeepc 1000HE with 1002 BIOS and 2GB RAM and original 10.6.0 (I suppose – first release on the shop).I tried to install OSX step by step your instruction but after a regular boot screen, when installation start, a “classical” screen  crash (turrn off for restsrt) appear on screen.But I have saw some difference files from video and de-zip files on the HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3 (original file downloaded from your site) intoExtra FolderOriginal files——-com.apple.Boot.plisteee-mkext-create.shsmbios.plistExtensions.mkextOriginal Folder————ExtensionsThemesCopy from DSDT Folder the right for 2GB RAMPlease, can suggest me how to solve ?

  17. zach says:

    I just ordered a retail copy of 10.6 and it arrived today (I live in a small town in Hawaii). Unfortunately, it’s a 10.6.3 disc, which they didn’t tell me in the Apple store website…  Will the process from this tutorial work with this version of the OS?  Or, do I need to find one that is 10.6.1?

  18. iGeng says:

    I’m getting an “chown: boot: no such file or directory” error when I do the “sudo chown root:wheel boot” command.  I’m pretty sure that I’m in the correct directory when I executed the command.  One thing that I did notice was that after I executed “sudo cp ./boot /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/”, it said it was a Read-only file system.  So i’m not sure if that’s what’s causing the problem.Any suggestions?

  19. Mario says:

    Thank you for this walktrough. done everything on my 1000H with 1 GB.update the bios with the 1000h.rom file from alex_Icopied the dsdt files into the extra folder on the usb.installation auf osx without any problems. machine restarts after sucessfully installation….but…osx didnt start…only a blinking cursor on the top left side of the screen..done the whole process 2 times… always the same..any help for me?regardsmario

  20. toastie says:

    Worked great for me, updated to 10.6.3 no problem, everything works.  Then applied the latest security update, and now I get continuous static from the speakers.  Regular sounds play normally, but the static is always playing.  Anyone know how to rollback and uninstall the Security update?

  21. Melisen says:

    Great walkthrough.But I have a S101 and even though the article say “This should work similarly for the other models of the eee family.”, the zip files only reference the 1000 models.How should I modify the process to make it work on my S101?

  22. Asg says:

    How can I upgrade to 10.6.3? Does anyone have any solution or workaround?

  23. Yasmine says:

    1.  Do your instructions above on the install and changing the boot file etc. stay the same for someone who is trying to have a dual boot of XP and OSX?2.  Do you have any suggestionst about an incomplete snow leopard install?  I was never able to do a complete install.  It stalled with “7 minutes remaining.”  But with the USB boot, I am able to boot in and can have all the functionality of working in snow loepard.  However, I cannot seem to boot in without the usb.  Any ideas how I could fix this?Thanks in advance!

  24. MaDaFGG says:

    I followed the tut, in the step using terminal, i type sudo cp ./boot /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ DVD/ and it said “/Volume/Mac OS X Install DVD is not a directory” Help !!!

  25. My Engelkemier says:

    Great submit! I completely acknowledge.

  26. Cor says:

    Got stuck at 2 min 10 sec of first part of video. Copied “cd Desktop …” to a new terminal window. Missed what was typed in after pasting. Is there a text source for this?tia

  27. Asg says:

    After succesful intallation the external usb mouse works, but the internal navpad doesn’t work. When I boot in single user mode with -s and then when I touch the navpad, it shows error “ApplePS2Mouse: Unexpected data from PS/2 controller”. I have tried to regenerate Extensions.mkext with ./eee-mkext-create.sh but it doesn’t help.

  28. Do says:

    i heard that there’s a need to patch the latest netbookinstaller to make 10.6.3 work

  29. Asg says:

    Thanks. Installation worked very well according to the instructions.Is it safe to update it to snow leopard ver. 10.6.3 after installation in eee pc?

  30. Mat says:

    Instructions worked great, upgrade to 10.6.3 with software update borked it though, fails mid boot, black screen, no hard drive activity.Any ideas on safe way to upgrade from 10.6.1 after these instructions?

  31. andy wiles says:

    hi ! there’s no Mac in my neighborhood. But I’ve got an external optical driver and the official 10.6.2 DVD retail. Does anybody know if it’s possible to follow this great tutorial but beginning by the second part ?Thanx.

  32. Eric says:

    10.6.3 is release, any one got a safe upgrade? My 1000he is running on 10.6.1 kernel with 10.6.2 installed, if anyone can confirm this?

  33. Obsidian_ShadowHawk says:

    Hey guys! Nik, AWESOME tutorial and file package! My netmacbook is the new “must-see” in my dorm!

    I am running a 1000HE with 2gigs and BIOS 1104. I cannot use Windows 7 without 1104, but therefore the dsdt isn’t perfect for my install. So I have two questions:

    1. Has anyone compiled a working DSDT for OSX 10.6.1 BIOS 1104 (1000HE 2gigs)?
    2. If not, I am willing to use BIOS 1002, but is there any way to fix the ACPI in Windows 7 so that it will work with BIOS 1002?

    Thank you for your time and expertise!

    (btw, I have an account on enik.ch with the name I used here, but for some reason my school’s servers won’t allow this technow.cc site through. I have to view Google’s cached version! Oh well, I love it anyways! ;)

  34. Aaron says:

    It keeps failing to copy the image it says internal external error  i got it from a macbook and im trying to copy it with my imac  which is running 10.5.8 can you help?

  35. eddie says:

    I’ve gone through the complete install (3x now) and it completes successfully (the wireless even works out of the box during the install), but when I reboot after installation  I just get a blinking cursor.

  36. TPKJ says:

    Having followed the instructions to the book I am stuck during the installation as I get the message ‘Mac OSX can’t be installed on this computer’.  I’m running a 1000H with 2GB RAM, the Snow Leopard DVD is one obtained with an iMac I purchased.   

    • Trickiedickiedido says:

      Me too :-( DFid you ever resolve this issue? It’s driving me bonkers :-)

  37. nick says:

    went through your instructions several times, but each time i dont have the correct resolution, it either only takes up part of the screen or its too big and i cant see the icons at the bottom. this is after updating to 10.6.1.  Any ideas?  ive tried changing the resolution, but the one i need, the native one, isnt listed.  Thanks for any tips.

  38. Martin says:

    Hi, please help me. A have Asus EEE 1000H. And battery status not working. THX

  39. SuperJames says:

    I followed these directions and everything went according to plan.  I really appreciate the geekiness that went into such an endeavor.My question is this:  How do I dual boot with Win7?  I’m a little unclear on the order of install and how to get OS X to boot using MBR.Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

  40. Bucky says:

    I was wondering how different this would be to the eee pc 1000.  I had replace the 32gb to a faster SSD so that is my main drive and I was wondering how well this will work once I have the correct DSDT.  I have some experience with Dell Mini 9 and a MSI Wind, but never for an ASUS or Snow Leopard.  Any direction would be grateful.  Thanks.

  41. domiking says:

    First thanks for the great Tutorial, it works an my Eee PC 1005HA with Mac OS X 10.6.2 with patched kernel, full grapic, speedstep, brightness control etc. (WiFi works with a Broadcom BCM4311).

    But now my sound is not working correctly, it is scratching extremly like a broken speaker, but under Mac OS X 10.5.7 und Windows it is working clearly without a problem. I got the same result, when I play the sound over the headphonejack.

    I tryed several “voodoohda.kext” but without success. Got anybody another solution or the same problem.

  42. el_don says:

    Well, i got Mac OS 10.6.0 and an eeepc 1005HA.anybody knows if this will work?

  43. Julius XIV says:

    RT @nhirt: OSX 10.6.1 SnowLeopard on the eee 1000HE – Part 1 (Updated) http://bit.ly/13VI4P

  44. Sean says:

    does anyone know what hardware differances there are or what i need to change to install this?

  45. sean says:

    hi there, do you know if this will this work for Asus Eeepc 904HD???

  46. henrik says:

    Thank you for the elaborate and well constructed guideI can confirm installing with a generic usbkey with 8gb(shows 7.4gb, but thats because vendors define gb differently than hardware people do! Look at wiki Kibibyte vs. Kilobyte for reference)Everything worked out of the box except wifi and external vga. I fixed wifi with the ralink utility+’drivers’Does anyone have external vga up and running?/henrik

  47. Bol2riz says:

    Hi,Can anyone have feedbacks to share regarding the overall performance and the overall battery lifetime between 2 charge?- Can I expect the same battery lifetime compared to the WinXP stock install?- I wan’t to use my 1000HE to train on After Effects and I’m a bit surprised on how it responds (in low res of course) on WinXP then could I expects the same results with OSX ?Thanks.

  48. Mani says:

    Is there any way to update the BIOS to 1002 after installing Snow Leoprd on 1000HE 1GB ?Everything is working fine after installation, but I am getting message to “Shut down computer by holding down the power button” .

  49. Masser says:

    <p>Sorry for double post.  Can’t get carriage returns.</p><p>@Admin:  Can you please provide a link to the article you referenced in
    the last reply?  Also, can you please provide any tips on what I can do
    to troubleshoot the boot issue (SL-only system only able to boot from
    USB) as I have followed the instructions and it still won’t work.  Are
    there any BIOS settings I have to look out for, for
    instance?</p><p>@Anyone:  I now have working Wifi so I am down to 3
    issues and would appreciate any help that can be provided:</p><p>1)
    Sleep – Does sleep work for anyone using a 1000HE?  I can select Sleep
    from the menu or close the lid and it sleeps (screen goes black and
    power light stays on) but I cannot find a way to wake it up.  For those
    who have it working, did you apply any additional fixes (aside form
    those provided in these instructions)to make it happen?  What do you do
    to wake it up?  What keys are used?</p><p>2) Apple Key – When I
    attach an external USB keyboard, the keys all seem to be correct, for
    instance all function keys register and the Windows/command key takes
    the place of the apple key in all key combos.  The keyboard built into
    the 1000HE, however, does not seem to register F14, F15 or the command
    key correctly (command key looks like it registers 5 or 6 different
    keystrokes at once).  Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas how
    I can fix it (without messing up the layout for the functioning
    external keyboard)?</p><p>3) Power Down – When I shutdown the
    system, OSX SL shuts down to a black screen but doesn’t power down (the
    power light is still on and I have to hold the power button down for a
    few seconds to power down completely).  Is this what everyone else is
    experiencing?</p><p>Any help on these issues is greatly appreciated
    as I am so close.  Thanks.</p>

  50. DW says:

    Hi, I came across this and was well impressed.  I’ve tried to have a go with my 8Gb Sandisk Cruzer micro.  I created the image fine and the partition, however when I get to the restoring the image to the USB stick i get the following error message “Could not validate sizes – Operation not permitted”.  Hoping someone might be able to shed some light for me.  Thanks in advance.

  51. GatorGolfer11 says:

    @Massergot to: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3download the one with RT2870 in the title.when you open it, there won’t be a file for 10.6, just use the one for 10.5you should be good from there.

  52. GatorGolfer11 says:

    By following your install guide, I was able to get os x 10.6.1 running beautifully on my 1000h. I have only found one issue. If I have the volume muted, and i put the computer to sleep, the volume will no longer be muted when it wakes(even though the volume icon in the task bar shows that it is muted). In order to “re-mute,” I must raise the volume and then I can hit the mute key. I use Spark to enable the volume hotkeys, but I don’t think this is the source of the problem because as I mention above the task bar icon shows mute status. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or is this a rare problem?

  53. Masser says:

    Thank you very much for publishing this tutorial.  I have found it incredibly helpful and have gotten further than I thought possible with Snow Leopard.  I have only 3 outstanding issues that I can really use your help with:1) WIFI – I have the NE766 WIFI card and the tut above mentions getting drivers from the Ralink site.  I don’t see any Mac drivers on their site for that specific model.  Does it go by another model number?  Can you please provide a link?2) Boot – I followed the tutorial to the letter as well as all post installation instructions (including the one under “USB Boot Problems”) and I see a “boot” file at the root so I can’t understand why it doesn’t boot right.  I still cannot boot without use of my USB stick.  When booting to the HD, I get the black screen and blinking cursor.  I even set my IDE to compatibility mode in BIOS which had no effect.  Is there anything else I can try?3) Sleep – When I choose to “sleep” the system or close my lid, the system goes black (power stays lit) and I am unable to bring it back without powering down and restarting.  Is there a magic key combo to bring it out of sleep (I’ve tried space, mouse click, ALT+F3, power button)?  If any of those should work, is there a suggested fix, not mentioned here?

  54. Pieter says:

    Hello,I’ve installed snow leopard 10.6.1 successfully on a 1000H Bios 2003 the only thing I experience is display resolution problems.  1024*768 will ‘cut’ off the lower part of the screen en 800*600 you get a black strip on te right side of the screen. Other options just don’t work. Does anyone know the solution for this.Thanks! :)

  55. Rick says:

    Has any one had any luck with this on a eeepc 901?  Will I have to make my own DSDT?Thanks

  56. vodouzh says:

    Thanks for your great tutorial! Everything works but wi-fi. I have the Atheros5007EG netbook version. I am going to buy and replace a compatible wireless card to get 100% working device. Great job! Sorry for my English.

  57. boolieman says:

    i have been trying to build the usb key that you instructed and every time i have a problem, im not sure if im missing something, i can rip in the sl dvd just fine, i can format the usb just fine, but when i go to restore it gives me a possible image invalid error if i have the erase checkbox clicked, if i dont, its fine, any ideas to the solution, i am using a 16gb flash drive if that has anything to do with it.

  58. Rob says:

    I’ve searched around and others have the same problem (not sure if its everyone or not), but after shutting down or even going to sleep most of the volume settings get set back to zero.  The main volume is alright (position saved), but the microphone volume is always set back to zero.Anyone know a way to fix this; to have all of the volume settings saved permanently?  I even tried to create an automator script but unfortunately I can’t adjust the microphone volume that way.Cheers.

  59. Mandeep says:

    Installed 10.6.1 on 1000HE 1GB, everything works great only bluetooth do not work. Any help ??

  60. Mandeep says:

    I am trying to install SL on my 1000HE (1GB ). Was able to install Mac OSX, it asked me to restart for registration. Now all I am seeing is the black screen with blinking cursor ….any solutions ? 

  61. anmol mishra says:

    could someone post a list of all kexts inside system/library/extensions so I can compare them with mine ? Perhaps using ls -al so i can see the modifications and sizes..ls -al > file.txt will automatically do the needful and copy everything to file.txt that can be posted here.

  62. Budske says:

    Thx for this guide…, my MacNetbook works great!!!!… now i need the files or a guide to how to update to 10.6.2 :P

  63. Nate Collins says:

    When I unzip the installation package, it asks for a password.  What should I enter?

  64. Budske says:

    i have everything working on 10.6 but the batery always show 100%…Now i want to update to 10.6.1, i will have to put all the kexts again?

  65. Budske says:

    i have a little  problem, my keyword  is not working, even  on the instalation, i start up on verbose and there is  a problem with the voodoops2 kext. How i can  fix it??

  66. Crosisq says:

    I got a 1000HE yesterday.  I updated to the 1104 BIOS

  67. midtoad says:

    There’s an error in the part 2 video.  It says to copy the boot file to the USB stick, which is wrong! You need to copy it to the hard drive you are installing to. An omission: in part 2, it says to uninstall the zip file on the desktop (the one containing the boot files).   But part 1 is missing the step where you copy this zip file onto the USB stick so you’ll have it available in part 2; rather, it says to copy the Extra folder to the USB stick, when you need to copy the whole HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3 folder. 

  68. matt says:

    i’m installing leopard and all going well, wondering how i can update to 10.6.1 NOT 10.6.2 to avoid the issues with 10.6.2 – any clues?

  69. RJ says:

    Hi,I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I followed the steps for more than five time, with different USB sticks and SD cards and the result was always the same: An static gray screen with an apple and no HD or USB activity.You talked about a -v option to see more information… Can I set this option? Where?I have a 1000h with BIOS 2102 (I also tested with 2204)Thanks for your help.

  70. Simon says:

    Hey in the terminal i can´t see what you are typing after cd Desktop/HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3/BOOTFILES/ it looks like 1s -1 could you please help.

  71. Dave says:

    Thanks for this!Just set up my 1000HE – everything works great!Sleep, sound, graphics, microphone, wifi, ethernet.. all perfect. Great guide!Was having a kernel panic problem when booting from the prepared USB install drive, but it was solved with a BIOS Setting: IDE mode to Compatibility instead of Enhanced. (Found solution back in the comments, thanks guy)So all kexts are in Extra? No S/L/E modification at all? Excellent.

  72. Rob says:

    Hi,I have tried several times to build the USB stick, but each time I get the screen that says I must power off my machine (just as the installer is booting).  I am running a 1000HE, bios revision 1002 (EC firmware ver. EPCB-031, if that helps) with 2GB of ram.I have no idea what I am doing wrong.  I am picking the appropriate DSDT file (1002, 2GB) and putting it in the EXTRA folder.  I follow the readme exactly substituting for my disk1.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Cheers.

  73. Eric says:

    Nikthanks for your wonderful guide, now I am using my 1000HE hackintosh now, just a little wish if you can do a new DSDT file for latest firmware, that would be great to have if plan to swap OS. Thanks again and all the best!!

  74. bingbing says:

    First of all I would like to thank you for your great tutorials. After watching your videos several times I was able to move to 10.6 and 10.6.1 on my 1000H. But for the time being I don’t want to update to 10.6.2 with an old kernel (the teateam approach…). Hopefully there will be further solutions in the future.Everything works fine at 99% here. The keyboard and its layout is responsible for the one remaining percent, it’s no biggie but can be annoying sometimes:- The key underneath ESC is mapped with < and > and not with ^ and ° as printed on it…- The key next to the right shift key (< > |) isn’t recognized by the system at all. Pressing it doesn’t result in anything. I had some experiments with Ukelele to swap the mappings, but this key simply doesn’t work. Nevertheless it isn’t faulty, because it works with Windows XP.- Another strange observation I already had with 10.5.7 is valid for 10.6.1, also: With cmd-shift-3  or cmd-shift-4 you can make screenshots of the whole or the part of the screen content. This works, but not after waking thee Eee from sleep. Only a restart brings back this functionality. Has anybody similar experiences?At the end I should say that I use the ROM and the DSDT by alex_l (1000H_2GB_REV2102).I would be glad if there’s a possibilty to fix these points. Thanks in advance for hints and tips.

  75. DanM says:

    Am following the guide to installing SL on my 1000H. I’m on
    the last step of video 2 where it says copy the Extra folder from usb
    into the root of the mac install partition, but when I try it comes up
    with the error:
    “The item “Extra” can’t be replaced because it’s invisible.”
    I have tried creating a folder in the root called “Extra” but it says:
    “The name “Extra” is already taken. Please choose a different name.”Any Ideas?

  76. stoobz says:

    one more question :) is there anyway to enable volume-controle via the keyboard?and also when changing the brightness or volume is it possible to show the screenoverlays?thnx a bunch!!

  77. stoobz says:

    Does anybody of you experience a strange trackpad behaviour after wake-up? Seems like its automatically clicking the whole time and you can also hear the warning sound.I was clicking around some time and then it eventually stopped. Any ideas where this might come from?Thnx!

  78. Mike says:

    WiFi will be working on eeePC 1005ha?

  79. dodoph says:

    I have a 1000H and everything works fine (except the screen resolution, I used ScreenResX) but I can’t put the computer to sleep. It won’t woke up then. What can I do ? I have the latest DSDT though !

  80. stoobz says:

    hey first of all many thanks for this great tutorial!it worked very well for me on my 1000h.I just can´t get the resolution right – I´m stuck on 800*600 :( I did this like described above:

    cd /Extra
    mv Extensions.mkext Extensions_COPY.mkext
    sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh

    but unfortunately it just gives me 800*600 with a big black bar on the right side. in the sys-prefs under monitor I also can´t find the 1024*600 resolution to activate, allthough there are alot of to choose now, since before there was only 800*600 available.any ideas what I did wrong?thnx a bunch in advance!really great work guys!!

  81. Michel Rietveld says:

    Hello all, i followed the instructions to the letter, having a 1000h which ran previous version without a problem i am left with a blinking cursor after installation and restart.Copied the boot file again to the usb stick but no luck after reinstalling.suggestions? i have the previous modified bios, should i flash or alter some bios settings?

  82. kikihenri says:

    I did the installation on an MBR disk, as outlined by Nik in his post and it worked like a charm: I first installed SL on a GUID disk, and then cloned it on my dual boot MBR drive in place of the Leopard partition and everything worked without a glitch. I have now a dual boot system with SL and Windows XP on my 1000H. A big thank to Nik!

  83. Chris says:

     I am isntalling everything now. Wish me luck. Out of all the sites..etc I would have to say this tutprial was by far the easiest to follow.
    I will update once it is installed and I have booted for the first time.
    I am on a 1000HE.
    I have 10.5.6 on Partition 1.
    I followed the steps to boot from USB SL and install to my second partiion.
    On Partition 1, I had 10.5.6 but nothing was working (wifi/ethernet)
    I will send an update soon.

  84. pienXo says:

    For those of you who haven’t heard yet, 10.6.2 has been released today.The atom processor cannot currently boot the latest kernel included in 10.6.2. Don’t update unless if you have a bit of experience with the terminalFor those of you who want to update, you can do the followingOpen up a terminal and type (no quotes) “sudo cp /mach_kernel /mach_kernel_10_6_1″Update to 10.6.2 (don’t restartType the following in the terminal “sudo cp /mach_kernel /mach_kernel_10_6_2″”sudo cp /mach_kernel_10_6_1 /mach_kernel”Reboot into normal modeRun NetbookInstallerReboot (again)source: http://www.meklort.com/?p=111 ;-)

  85. pienXo says:

    So in update 10.6.2 missing officialy support Atom processors :( Don’t upgrade! I wish the fix on it is around the corner. :)

  86. rayen says:

    i found some kext for non working trackpad and keyboard this http://www.edisk.sk/stahni/75446/VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip_98.75KB.html enables the keyboard only but you must delete appleps2controler.kextand this http://www.edisk.sk/stahni/19131/PS2.pkg.zip_47.9KB.html second is even better, but you must delete both appleps2 and voodoops2 kexts .. its pakage so it will install to default ext directory not extra  works for my 1000HE hope will help someoneim still figuring out hang on shutdown and battery status, but all other works flawlessly

  87. pienXo says:

    Nik i just wanna thank you for this good hard work! You just do very GOOD WORK, keep going on this! I Love My MacEee more and more now! :) Everything works, i think better like in leopard! :) I just have problems, but Post Installation Problem resolve it, now i’m running on 1000H, Bios 2102 from axel_l, with DUALBOOT Windows 7 everything work so great! :) I’m so Happy! :) THANK YOU NIK FOR ALL! :)

  88. pienXo says:

    So new final update 10.6.2 is on Software Update, it’s safe to update with software update? :) now i’m again reinstalling system, so i refused update on 10.6.2, and now i installed update on 10.6.1, if graphics gonna work it will be awesome, but now, im so confused :(

  89. pienXo says:

    So, sound except mic don’t work, os x don’t recognize it … so? some helps?

  90. pienXo says:

    Now I’m write from SNOW LEOPARD !!! IT’s working ! I have dualboot with windows 7 ! … but, my resolution is 800×600, i just update after do all things and run update on 10.6.1 after first boot from hdd, no from usb .. so? What i must to do now? … I Just to try power button and dsdt work :) … but the resolution … :| Can someone help? Must i reinstall some GMA kext or? SwitchResX ? hmmm please help, me and NIK THANK YOU FOR GREAT TUTORIAL ! :) )

  91. pienXo says:

    Ok, so i modify retail Snow Leopard to MBR install … from … http://prasys.co.cc/2009/08/installing-snow-leopard-for-osx86/ so, now i do everything what is in this videos, now i have question, can i format the usb to the GUID format and in installation choose MBR installation? … Or i should format usb to MBR 1 partition and then restore Snow Leopard on this, … Now I restore SL on the USB and I format this on 1 partition GUID … i think this can be good or? … Now I Want to do all what is in the videos, now i’m waiting to finish restore.

  92. rayen says:

    Hello, there is a BIOS update # 1104 for 1000HE,  can u make new DSDT, or its not worth it  

  93. klaus says:

    SnowLeo works great on my 1000h, doing a dualboot to WinOS! But how do i get the cam working? It worked on older OSX’s, but now there is only a blackscreen…Thanx

  94. kevin says:

    To Jeff: I had the same problems with keyboard and touchpad not working.Works fine now after using DSDT Rev 2102 fro dazdazHTH

  95. Chri says:

    I installed Mac OS X on an Eee 1000H. Everthing works, except for the Screenresolution (no 1024×600).
    I found a fix for that problem in the comments and installed the Netbook Installer, checked “Install General Extensions” and “Install old mirror friendly GMA kext”.

    Reboot, and tada the Screenresulotion worked at 1024×600.
    But now, I can’t switch off Bluetooth and the Sound doesn’t work.

    Any solutions?

  96. kavawava says:

    Hey Nik, I was able to work out a lot of the final troubles I have with my 1000HE thanks to the other great comments presented here, though I still have a few of the following issues:

    - system does not sleep when closing the lid or when going to apple-> sleep
    - computer does not shut down (monitor goes off but computer is still on)
    - battery indicator just shows that its “charging” even though its not plugged in to anything (no % battery life, etc)
    - no brightness control (either by using hotkeys or by installing display brightness control apps)

    here is what I get when I type the following in Terminal, not sure exactly what they all mean but I was hoping I could get some help with these:

    kextstat | grep SleepEnabler
    “20 0 0x2e56d000 0×2000 0×1000 sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler (1.0.0) ”

    ioreg | grep Sleep
    “+-o SleepEnabler <class SleepEnabler, id 0×0, !registered, !matched, act$"

    kextstat | grep Voodoo
    17 0 0x2e6f2000 0×4000 0×3000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooBattery (1.2.0)
    18 0 0x2e70a000 0×6000 0×5000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooPower (1.2.3)
    40 0 0×34557000 0x1d000 0x1c000 org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (0.2.2)

    ioreg | grep Voodoo
    | | | +-o VoodooHDADevice <class VoodooHDADevice, id 0×0, registered, ma$
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | +-o VoodooBatteryPowerSource <class VoodooBatteryPowerSource, id 0×0, $
    | | +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched,$
    +-o VoodooPower <class VoodooPower, id 0×0, registered, matched, active,$
    +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched, a$

    kextstat | grep Intel
    21 0 0x2e766000 0×18000 0×17000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (90.0.0)
    33 0 0×34491000 0×11000 0×10000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer (6.0.2)
    50 0 0x345da000 0×9000 0×8000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelPIIXATA (2.5.0)
    51 0 0×34730000 0×36000 0×35000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelGMA950 (6.0.2)

    many thanks!


  97. Jeff says:

    Hey all,
    Got almost everything right on my 1000he with 2 GB RAM and 1002 BIOS but…. Trackpad and keyboard is not working, even during the installation process (for exemple, put a name on my parition). I did every steps to create my bootable USB stick so did I miss something?
    Thanx for your help and very nice job to get all things right! ;o)

  98. Dark2tar says:


    It’s possible to install Leopard or SnowLeopard on a Acer Aspire One A751h?
    I have boot many distribution Kalyway, jas, ideneb bot no one would splash the Language Menu it hangs always after darwin loads… Some times after NTFS volume name; or DirectoryService or another step …

    It were really great to get work Mac on this great Netbook.

    Thanks for a replay.

  99. Ish Kabibl says:

    Hey Nik:
    Thanks for your advice so far. As you suggested, I replaced the dsdt.aml file in the root directory of SL and then upgraded the RAM in my 1000h to 2GB. Everything seemed to work, except I lost the use of the Fn keys for wireless, volume, etc. I’ve tried upgrading my BIOS (from 1902 to 2102) and using several different dsdt.aml files, but none seems to help. I’ve also tried to use Spark and Hotkey Enabler, but since I’m most familiar with Windows I can’t seem to make heads or tails of these programs. Is there a good, noob-friendly guide you can suggest on using either one of these programs or could you give me some simple pointers on how to install them and use them properly? Once again, thanks for all the help!

  100. Ben says:


    Have followed these excellent videos and got SL working beautifully on my HE, bought from amazon UK in June. Thanks to Nik fr all his hard work.

    Only problem is the wireless, which isn’t working. I downloaded the Ralink utility, which showed available networks for a while, but now just says “NO DEVICE!!”.

    Does anyone know how I can get my wireless card to work as an airport? Looking around various forums, in partcular the ipic wiki, it seems like this should be possile, though I’m not sure which cards are compatible.

    Basically, how do I tell which card is in my netbook, and is there any way to get connectivity in 6.1 over wireless without changing cards? If I did change wifi cards, what’s the best/cheapest/most compatible one to get?

    Final question, having installed with 1gb of ram, what happens if I put a 2gb stick in my computer? Do I need to replace the boot file, or was the memory only importand during the install?



  101. Andrew says:

    Lifehacker warns against updating to SL 10.6.2 on a Hackintosh’d netbook…

  102. cb says:

    All works well but sleep, ethernet, and the battery indicator. Sleep goes to a black screen and then will not come back w/o a reboot. While I love the idea of a mac eee this is not a workable solution for me. Interesting that before I applied the drivers but after the 6.1 apple update sleep worked perfectly giving a reboot or wake menu upon pressing the power button once after the eee went to sleep. Be nice to return to this. Ethernet does not wrok. Cable connected prior to boot. Battery indicator has an x through it. Have installed many times and run the sh code many times. Any ideas appreciated.

    Thanks to Nik and all!

  103. Themis says:

    I have a problem with blinking cursor on reboot….Stays there … I rechecked everything.. I worried about why on your tutorial you use boot1h and not boot1he as for 1000he?…

  104. rlou says:

    Hi: I just got my 1000he and I’m ready to install OSX. I have performed all the steps in your video 1 to create the boot USB stick. I have upgraded my RAM to 2gb, so I used the 1000HE_2GB_REV1002 dsdt.aml file during the making of the USB stick.

    Now, when I boot off the USB the Chameleon loader comes up and I’m able to select OSX. OSX starts loading, but then I’m presented with a apple screen that says “You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power button until it turns off, then press the Power button again.”

    Any ideas? (btw, the 1st time this happened I realized I was not on BIOS 1002, so I upgraded the BIOS to 1002 via the ASUS utility. I can verify I am now at 1002 since I can see it in the BIOS setup screen. but I’m still getting stuck at the above screen).

    Hope someone has an idea here…



  105. Chri says:

    Hi Nik,

    what do you think about the Netbook-Installer Project?

    I read two post using this stuff:

    Should I use your Tutorial or can I use The Netbook-Installer.
    The NI seems to be the easier one…

  106. Vitor Domingos says:

    What’s the difference between boot1h and boot1he ? should I use the 1he version for my 1000HE ?

  107. Andrew says:

    Also, this lack of battery life is killing me. I’m getting 2.5 hours max, and I supposedly have a 6 cell battery.

    Has anyone figured out how to make the brightness work on a 1000H?

  108. Andrew says:

    Well, I’m contemplating swapping out my wifi card for one that’s Airport compatible. This ralinktech utility is terrible.

    Recommended models for a 1000H?

    Also, is it difficult to replace a wifi card? Instructions?

  109. pienXo says:

    Hi Nik, i have some questions. Can i install Snow Leopard on Eee PC 1000h with this tutorials, and kexts in HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3.zip? Can everything works? Like sound, mic, ethernet, GMA, bluetooth,… just everything … and i have AirPort WiFi card. (Change ralink with BCM94321MC) Now i have installed Leopard 10.5.7 with everything working, but i want Snow Leopard :) , i have bios 1902 with dstd for 2GB RAM, i have 2GB RAM, i want to install snow leopard with dual boot windows xp from asus disk (now i have windows xp original with leopard retail|) and retail snow leopard this weekend, i need backup all, but before that, on 1000H CAN EVERYTHING WORK? JUST EVERYTHING? Please answer this so fast how you can, Thank You very much.

  110. Mark says:

    I want to apply this method, however I want to partition my disk as MBR so that I can dual boot Windows 7. I read that a patched OSInstall framework is required, which I already downloaded. Is that the only thing I’ll need to make this work?

  111. cb says:

    Hi Nik. Can you please tell me how to get VoodooHDA to load? Is there a way to reinstall?

    Thank you.

  112. ferdinauta says:

    I’m enable to boot from the USB, but once I choose to Install MacOS I get the kernel panic screen. I’ve boot with the -v option and I get this error:

    AppleIntelPIIXPATA: Secondary PCI IDE channel is disabled
    panic(cpu 0 caller 0x2a6ac2): Kernel trap at 0x21477fcd, type 14=page fault, registers:
    Error code: 0×00000000

    Debugger called:
    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
    Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies):

    BDS process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task

    I’m on 1000HE 1GB on BIOS 1002
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  113. W.D says:

    I also can’t update the BIOS with the 1000H_2GB_REV2102.zip
    The bios-updater is stuck at reading the rom file….

  114. W.D says:

    Hi all,

    I’ve successfully created an USB-bootdisk, and I can boot from it. When I choose to install OSX I get the bootscreen and then nothing happens. it stays at the bootscreen forever, no HD activity and no USB activity…
    Can anyone help me?
    BTW, I’m trying to install on an 1000H.


  115. cb says:

    Nik. Thanks for the usb update. That got me past my issue. I was using your commands incorrectly. That really clarified everything. I have a working install but sound does not work and the systems hangs when going to sleep. I do not have the DSDT in place or the corresponding bios yet. I will try that and hope that this works.

    I worked on an HA for many moths w/o acceptable results. I have that one working now using several different guides. Everything works on it but the wired Ethernet which is interesting because in previous guides I have used the ethernet did work. Not asking for help or comments on this. Just passing on some experience.

    Thank you for all your kind contributions.


  116. Maverick says:


    Can not wait to try this on my 1000H this weekend. Thanks for posting the DSDT file for the 1000H with 2GB. I have used your tutorial to create the Hackintosh. Your tutorial was what it possible.
    Using SL on the Hackintosh I knew would be possible eventually. Buying the software, the Apple hardware and having the Eee PC 1000H (which I got last December 2008 as an additional machine) made possible the mobile computing experience we need. Windows 7 is nice, but a Hacintosh is a “macintosh” is still the “best” way to go. Apple could learn something from Microsoft in how Win 7 has shaped up from Vista development cycle.
    Nik, thanks again for your work! I could tell you how vital your work is, how many real people’s lives you have saved with allowing us newbies to use the Eee PC in various fields. It is not to inflate your ego, but your work reaches down to us “in the trenches” who use Eee PC’s in “mission critical” fields. Windows XP, Vista, and even WIn7 are still not trustworthy for some tasks that can really save a life. Mac OS X literally is the lifeblood for several applications that save lives. Running these apps on the “Hackintosh” Eee PC is literally the translation of good hardware and code to functions in the field that makes a real difference in our efforts. Apple needs to make the tablet Mac we need. Till then, the Eee PC is one of the best “netbooks” out there. They really should be called “work books” as traditional notebooks are sometimes too large for certain functions. Netbooks in their various form factors fit the gap nicely. The cost is not bad too!


  117. ori says:

    I have a dumb question – what prog do i use to open the “INSTALL_1.README” files??

    Thank you!

    (i have been trying to hack my he for 2 months now. im always stuck at the 9min mark. this by far is the best site i found! – now – i hope this works!! :0)

  118. David says:

    Same problem with resolution on a 1000h, everything else seems to work well (sound, wifi with ralink drivers) and upgraded to 10.6.1. But after the

    cd /Extra
    mv Extensions.mkext Extensions_COPY.mkext
    sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh

    the 800×600 resolution became a squared resolution with a black bar (one inch – 2 cm bar) on the right side.

    Tried switchresx, but didnt work (didnt change kext for this as the old 10.5 guide as i dont know if the steps are the same for SL).

    Anyway thank you for this guides!!!!

  119. Andrew says:

    Alright, almost everything is running great on my 1000H except for wifi. Does anyone know of a solution? A link to the required driver or an Airport compatible wifi card? I’d rather not replace the wifi card unless I really have to. I tried the only driver that I thought might work off ralinktech.com (first one on this page: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=3) , but it doesn’t seem to be working, or I don’t know what to do after I install it.

    Thanks to Nik and everyone providing help in the comments.

  120. Jan says:

    Hi Nik,

    thanks for your good work. I want to try the installation on my 1000H which has the latest genuine BIOS v2102 and 2 GB RAM.
    Can I use the DSDT.aml you provided on http://www.enik.ch/PublicFiles/File/downloads/DSDT_0.1.zip?

    Thank you

  121. Slicedbread says:

    How do we go about using the files from the newest zip package?

    I have up and running with the files from 1.1 version of the zip. What’s changed? And can I upgrade/update to the newest versions without installing again from scratch?


  122. Ish Kabibl says:

    Hi Nik:

    Thank you for this tutorial. I got SL installed on my 1000H pretty much without incident (although I did have to keep the USB drive in and choose to boot off the hard drive after SL was loaded but before I went through the steps outlined in the second Read Me). Anyway, I’d like to upgrade my RAM now from 1 to 2 GBs but was wondering if I need to make any changes to my SL install after I make the change? Thanks in advance for your help on this…

  123. Lapog says:

    Hi Nick,

    Finally my SSD arrived along with the 2GB RAM. I am using a 16SDHC to install. Everything went smooth till this point:

    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXXXs2

    I get an error when I enter this command. Yes, I replaced it with correct disk ID.

    But the command works when I enter
    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdiskXXX
    i.e., when I enter the command w/o the tailing s2.

    Of course the USB fails to boot :(

    Hope you can help sort this out.


  124. docbandit says:

    Anyone try the vga output. It’s works fine?? THxs

  125. Andrew says:


    But then it said to reset, so I did, and now I’ve got nothing. It just boots from the USB drive and tries to install it again, and booting from the HD gives me a black screen with a blinking cursor.

    Starting over.

  126. Andrew says:

    Ok, thanks Nik. I’m going to give it another go.

    I’m using a 1000H… would you know anything about what DSDT I should use?

  127. kavawava says:

    Hi. First of all thanks so much for this guide, it is truly the best one out there!

    Everything seems to be working fine from part 1. However in part 2 when I start installation, the Installer gets about 25% into the install process then it says “Install Failed” “The Installer could not copy the necessary support files.” With reference to the video for part 2, i’m stuck at the step shown at 1:14.

    Any help will be fantastic!

    Also as a side note I installed a new 500GB Western Digital hard drive before trying to install SL, I don’t think it should have any affect with anything, but i’m not totally sure.

    thanks again.

  128. Geoffrey says:

    @Aratta Qques liens intéressants : http://bit.ly/13VI4P http://bit.ly/43GJSn http://bit.ly/44xVxj #eeepc 1000he #OSX

  129. jb says:

    Hey, would these directions work with Osx Tiger?
    I don’t have access to SL…

  130. Andrew says:

    Pardon my ignorance… but what is going on from 2:10-2:13? I can see that you’ve copied/pasted the first line from the ReadMe file, but then it seems like you type something before you hit Enter?

    Sorry, I’m not good with Terminal stuff. Could you explain that part of the process to me in a little more detail? I tried watching the video in fullscreen, but I can’t make out the text.

    Thanks so much for doing this!

  131. cb says:

    Hi. Thanks. Yes problem was the U3 partition. Removed and and re-ran your procedure. Still does not boot. Purchased a new USB drive w/o U3, re-ran the procedure and still no boot. I have the HE and HA. No go on either. I must be doing something wrong? Is a specific bios required?

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Best, cb

  132. Ken says:

    I performed the following steps to fix resoluation (800×600). But after reboot, right side of screen is black. Going into Display there are more choices now, but no 1024X600. Do you know why? Thanks.
    * Open a terminal
    * Type:

    cd /Extra
    mv Extensions.mkext Extensions_COPY.mkext
    sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh

    * then type your password.
    * Check that a new Extensions.mkext file has been created.
    * Reboot

  133. David Cintron says:

    I seem to be stuck at getting the 1000HE to boot off of the USB flash drive. I hit Esc at boot and select my USB flash drive from the options and after that nothing seems to be happening. I’ve followed the instructions thus far, and the only difference would be that I am using the 1GB DSDT provided here


    Otherwise everything is the same, I flashed the BIOS to 1002, it just doesn’t get past a black screen with a blinking cursor.

  134. cb says:

    Hi. Followed your instructions but the usb stick will not boot. One interesting difference between this usb stick and others I have used for desktops is on the “esc” boot menu it list the stick twice:
    Internal hard drive
    SanDisk Cruiser
    SanDisk Cruiser

    Neither boots. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you.

  135. Mitch Malone says:

    My Netbook is arriving today and I plan on performing this procedure tonight, I hope it all goes well. Can someone please confirm that the Wifi card that is in my Netbook by default will work out of the box?

  136. Julien Deveraux says:

    Everytime I try to do the
    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk2

    I get “resource busy”; i’ve tried this like 5 times. So i have tried skipping this step and of course the damn thing isn’t bootable. So what gives?

    • Dimitris Papadopoulos says:

      Go to Disk Utility and unmount the partition (not eject. Unmount)
      Then try the command and re-mount the partition.
      Et voila :) (sorry for the 2 years delay on the questlion. I just had this issue and fixed it this way)

  137. Julien Deveraux says:

    Everytime I try to do the
    sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk2

    I get “resource busy”; i’ve tried this like 5 times. So i have tried skipping this step and of course the damn thing isn’t bootable. So what gives?

  138. Bob says:

    Got the install and update to work on a 1000ha using the bios from eNik’s 10.5.7 post.

    One problem. The font showing up in spotlight and textEdit when I try to type looks like windings or some other symbol font. Very weird. Any idea how to correct?

  139. Waldi65 says:

    Hi Nik,

    many many thanks for this clear and easy to understand installation guide. I’ve done a lot of installations (OSX 10.5.x) in the past on several netbooks like eeepc 901, lenovo s10e and eeepc 1000HG (with internal 3G modem). None of these installations were so easy and finished so successful like installation of SL 10.6 on the eeepc 1000HG following your video instructions.

    As i run the eeepc with dualboot (Windows on the first and OSX on the second partition) i had the problem that SL won’t install on the partition as it is not partitioned as GUID.

    What i’ve done is:
    - Backup SL Install DVD and restore it to 8GB USB stick
    - connect usb stick and external HDD (found an old one with 20GB…) to eeepc
    - boot into the installer from USB stick and follow your instructions from video one except install target was the external hdd partitioned with GUID
    - booted from fresh installed external hdd and did backup with time maschine on USB stick
    - booted again from installation usb stick and restored backup onto second partition
    - booted from usb hdd with SL installation and did final steps described in install_2.readme for internal disk and second partition.
    - first boot from internal disk took long time but after re-creating Extensions.mkext as described all is running fine. To get internal 3G running i installed driver available from Huwaia.

    I’m very happy with my iEEEPC running on SL 10.6.1 now.

    Many many thanks, great work!!!

    Ciao, Waldi

  140. tapash says:

    fantastic. will it be possible to install on a MBR partition. i want to use win 7 as well. Is there any hope for that please..

  141. Slicedbread says:

    Thanks for this guide, it worked like a charm for me.

    I have a Mac Pro, Eee 1000HE and legit SL 10.6 disc. Ripped the SL onto a 8GB USB thumb drive. NB. Your 1.1 zip pack extracts under a slightly different folder name than the command in the first readme file, so everyone else be aware of that.

    Put the USB drive into the Eee, booted off it and installed 10.6. Beware that it won’t boot off the HDD after the first install without the thumb drive still in!

    Followed the instructions to do the final house keeping etc. Rebooted straight off the HDD now without the USB, and got into the desktop again. Updated to 10.6.1 without issue.

    After that had to do the “installation problems” instructions at the top of the post to fix the display and sleep issues.

    Now its all good, thanks for the guide! Please keep us updated if you find more tweaks etc.

  142. Lapog says:

    Great guide!
    I am tempted to Hackintosh my new EeePC 1000HE.
    I haven’t done this before so I am a bit apprehensive.

    A few answers will ease my heart palpitations:
    1. How do I find out the Bios version currently loaded? I could not locate which Bios version this (DSDT) will work with. Can you plesae specify?
    2. I am planning to add a SSD. Would this work with SSD?
    3. Is it necessary to have 2GB RAM. I do not have, but I plan to upgrade.


  143. faebe says:

    Hi Nik,

    I thank you for this easy install-guide. Very well done.

    I tried this on my 1000H (Standard configuration except for 2GB RAM). And it worked perfectly (with the second Extra folder).

    I followed exactly your instructions, used a special DSDT.aml file for my 1000H (genuine 2102 Bios and 2GB). First I had the wrong resolution (800×600) and the slow graphic performance which both survived the 10.6.1 Combo-Update. Replacing the Extra folder with the one from version 1.1 and rebuilding of the Extension.mkext (as described above) worked the problems out.

    For Wi-Fi with the stock Ralink-Card I use the driver downloaded from ralinktech.com which works under Snowleopard too.

    What I noticed is that the sleep and wake-up process takes much longer than under Leopard. (And Backlight doesn’t turn on automatically anymore. Yet. I think I will figure out this soon.) And at the first two installs (with Extra folder v.1) the on/off button worked as on real MacBooks and brought me to the shutdown/reboot/sleep menu. Now with Extra folder v.1.1 it doesnt work anymore.

    But that shouldn’t be a complaint but rather an information for you and for other 1000H users that this guide works for this configuration magnificiently too.

    Thank you for your efforts


  144. David says:

    Does anybody know how well this works on the 1005HA? I’ve heard I may have to replace the wifi card to get wifi working properly, but otherwise is the install procedure the same? Thanks!

  145. admin says:


    I just posted a new installation pack.
    This corrects:
    – Sleep
    – Brightness keys
    – Bluetoth
    – Ethernet

    Let me know if it works ok for you,


  146. Paolo says:

    Hi Nik,
    some updates after a few days of playing and installing with SL.

    The system is fairly stable, at times the wifi card refuses to work but usually a quick shutdown/reboot fixes the issue.
    Similar things happen with the battery status, at times indication is not correct but agin usually a quick shutdown/reboot fixes it.

    I still cannot manage to really put the system to sleep/hibernate. It just switches off the screen and then freezes there. The power light remains steady on and the wifi card light remains on too. To shut down I need to force shutdown by keeping the power switch pressed for a few seconds. Any suggestion on this one?

    By looking around, I’ve found out this post (hope I’m not violating any “rule” here in case please let me know) http://smallcomputing.net/forums/index.php/topic,60.0.html that provides a link to a .zip file from nicka (towards the end of the first page) with some kext, dsdt.*, smbios.plist and com.apple.bios.plist. If I copy into Extra the dsdt.* and the *.plist (not the kext) and keep using your kext, the brightness controls (Fn+F5/F6) work and everything else seems ok. It might help in your investigations?


  147. Josh says:

    Hey nik,

    Can you also give a tutorial, which can only written in steps, of how to install SL in a system has win xp, os x, linux (I want to install SL to replace os x)?

    I think this may suit many people needs =]

    PS:My 1000HE is 2GB, bios 1002, with atheros wifi card


  148. admin says:

    Just created an article on creating your own DSDT files:



  149. Paolo says:

    Hi Nik,
    I’ve followed your tutorial with one minor variation: following another tutorial indication I’ve replaced the installer application to be able to install on MBS partitions (need to build up a dual boot system with XP.

    Not to mess up the working system, I’ve installed on an external HD as a “training camp”

    The installation went fine and I could boot on Snow Leopard and update but looks like there is something strange with the extensions. Basically even after update I’m stuck at 800×600 resolution, volume and brightness keys are not working and no sound card is detected.
    Looks like the .kext in the Extra folder are not used by the system.

    Any suggestion on how to fix it?


  150. admin says:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t tell as I replaced the stock card right in the beginning with a Airport compatible Broadcom card.
    The 1000HE ships with two different models.
    The NE766 which is a “Ralink RT2860” type card and for which there are drivers on the Ralink website and the NE771 (your card) for which I have not been able to find any info on working drivers (see here for example : http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=73933)

    You might consider swapping out your Wifi card for a Broadcom one…


  151. docbandit says:

    Nik ,
    the wifi stock card AW NE771 works with SL ?

  152. Hendrik says:

    The install package on 1000h won’t work correctly.

    out of the box with netbookinstaller and correctly loaded kext it will work better!

    only problem is ethernet and bluetooth. the first isn’t recognized correctly by the attansic and bluetooth even pops up when i reboot.

  153. Hendrik says:

    This video is quite private – not for public viewing.

    Please turn public so we can learn ;)

  154. admin says:

    Oh, seems that the batch processing for publication didn’t work correctly.
    I changed it to public, so now learn ;-)

    Enjoy and thanks for the notification,


  155. admin says:

    Define “better”… ;-)
    There are multiple ways to get SnowLeopard on the eee PCs I’m showing you one of them.

    netbookinstaller looks interesting and very simple, so I’d encourage you tho share your experience (guest article on technow?) as I could not find a version of netbookinstaller that supports the eee PCs…

    Let me know,


  156. admin says:

    I just tried NetbookBootMaker (the 0.8.3 RC2) and it works to create the USB stick (with some hickups but it evetually runs), but the NetbookInstaller does not know of the 1000HE and the installation hangs (I tried to modify the content of the installer to trick it into thinking it was alright, but to no avail).
    So this solution is a NO-GO for 1000HE users (for 1000H users it seems to be the easiest way to go as the NetbookInstaller supports it out of the box).

    If you know how to tweak the installer to take into account the 1000HE (which uses the same kexts and dsdt tweaks as the 1000H), please let us know.



    PS: If you want to use the method from the video tutorial on the 1000H you’ll probably have to modify the dsdt to match the eee model.

  157. Paolo says:

    Two add ons to the previous post
    1- there is a typo I mean I need to install on an MBR disk
    2- Great news for owners of the NE771: I can confirm that it works out of the box. It’s enough to have it enabled either from BIOS or from Windows installation and SL sees it as an Airport card. I’m currently browsing with it on a 802.1X enabled AP with PEAP (MSCHAPv2) (by the way, it’s a protection schema unsupported by Ralkink drivers as far as I know)


  158. admin says:

    That’s right, if you want to build a dual boot system, then things get slightly more complicated (as you cannot install Windows on a GUID partition scheme).
    As you mentioned, there are tutorials out there on how to modify the Installer (OSInstall.mpkg in /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages).
    Now, the problems that you mention are probably related to a incompatible dsdt.aml file you’re using (keys not working) and/or the fact that you did not upgrade to 10.6.1 (GMA kexts are for 10.6.1 only).

    Let me know,


  159. admin says:

    Good to hear that ;-)

  160. docbandit says:

    It´s a great news for AWNE 771 owner , I try to install SL .
    Thxs Paolo

  161. Paolo says:

    It seems that the problem was caused by having both Leopard (on a partition in the internal HD) and Snow Leopard (on an external USB Disk) installled on the same machine. According to some forums looks like Chamaleon ends up loading the extra kekts from the wrong partition unless configured specifically for such dual boot scenarios.

    Anyway, I’ve installed SL using your instructions and set in the former Leopard partition and now I have a functioning Triple Boot 1000HE (Asus XP, OS-X, Linux) on a MBR partitioned 320Gb HD

    In SL everything seems to work including internal stock wireless, bluetooth, audio and webcam.

    Some issues I still have to investigate (any help appreciated) :
    - Fn Keys still do not work (I’ve used the dsdt.aml from your package)
    - Chamaleon, after selecting OS-X gives a message saying there has been an error while starting system, paused 5 second and then starts booting
    - Still have to check Hybernation and sleeping

    Anyway, thanks for the great tutorial and help

  162. admin says:


    Good to hear that you made some progress.

    To be VERY clear the dsdt file provided is to be used with a very specific eee model and BIOS version. In this case it is for a eee 1000HE with 2GB of memory and BIOS version 1002.

    The only key that works out of the box is the sleep button (FN – F1).
    The brightness should work with the correct dsdt patch (though I just saw that I have some problems myself).
    The rest does not work until you install the Hotkey Enabler you can find on ipis-osx (I think they updated it to run with SL). Personally I use a tool called “Spark” for volume control and such…
    You can use the app “DSDTSE” in order to create the matching dsdt.aml file for your specific configuration.

    As for the boot error: Is it the “Resuming from Encrypted image…” thingy?

    Sleep should work OK, hibernation could work with the latest version of Chameleon (try the DeepSleep widget to test it…).

    Good luck and keep us posted,


  163. Paolo says:

    Hi Nik,
    I’m trying to address one issue at a time to see where the problem is. :)
    My machine is an ASUS original 1000HE with 2Gb memory and BIOS 1002 (7/23/09 EC FW: EPCB-031) so looks like your configuration.

    Out of the box Fn-F1 without the additional applications seems to trigger the hibernation but have a somewhat strange behaviour: the screen gets black, HD blinks a bit then everything freezes, 1000HE power light remains solid blue. No option to exit this state but keeping the power button shut down for 3/4 seconds. (I remember that with Leopard the power indicator started blinking or turned off depending on the sleep mode set)

    When I reboot after trying hybernation I get the following error from Chamaleon:
    Header Read Size 200
    Incorrect image signature

    On the other hand, if I do a normal shutdown Chamaleon complains that “Hibernate image is too old by XXX seconds …”


  164. admin says:

    Yes this looks exactly like my config…
    I’ll soon (tonight or tomorrow morning) post a new tutorial on how to build your own dsdt.aml…



  165. admin says:

    Oh, and you might want to subscribe to the Newsletter to be alerted when I post the new tutorial ;-)


  166. admin says:


    Installing a dual boot system is much more complicated than the one described in this tutorial.

    First, you have to repartition the harddisk (supposing you have one partition with XP/Win7 on it) and

    Second, you have to install on a disk with MBR partitioning scheme (Windows hates GUID scheme – the one we use in the tuto).
    Now the problem is, that -out of the box – the installer refuses to install on a MBR partitioned disk.
    There is are tutorials available on the internet that describe the modifications you have to modify the Installer (OSInstall.mpkg in /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages) as Paolo mentioned in the comments above.

    You can follow may older tutorial on enik.ch to install a dual booting Leopard on the 1000HE : http://www.enik.ch/2009/05/osx-leopard-1057-on-the-eee-1000he/

    As for the tutorial, I might do this one day, but for the moment my time is very limited…



  167. Josh says:


    Um…actually I searched for details to modify OSInstall.mpkg, I successfully extract the content, and edit the Distribution and set the eraseOptionAvailable to false, but the installer still can’t install in a MBR system, do you know any of the reason?

    Or should I manually run OSInstall.mpkg during the installation?


  168. Josh says:


    After certain works, I can successfully boot into SL using grub, but I think there is a problem of not loading correct kext from /Extra. Is there any possible reason?

    PS: In the video part 2, I just do “dd if=boot1h of =/dev/rdisk0s2″ as well as “cp boot /”, and I have already updated to 10.6.1

    Thanks a lot~


  169. Josh says:

    An update:

    After using the replacing the OSInstall in this site:


    As well as the OSInstall.mpkg patched by myself
    I can choose use MBR to install SL.

    Thanks a lot for your help =]


  170. admin says:

    Good to hear, now I really don’t know about grub…
    I usually use the boot0 and boot1 from Chameleon (even for dualbooting), but I never delved into the details on which is actually loading the kexts.
    So it MIGHT be, that when using grub, you avoid the bootloader part of Chameleon that actually loads the kexts?

    Just my 2 cents…

    Keep me posted,

  171. Josh says:


    Nice to see your reply =]

    Well, I thought the dsdt.aml file is not loaded correctly (or I thought it had not loaded), as when I click “About This Mac”, the CPU brand name was unknown. Is there any possible reason of this problem, maybe permission error or something else?


  172. admin says:

    This is normal, you just opened Pandora’s Box here… ;-)
    To get all the info displayed correctly you have to tweak the smbios settings.
    This is something that is quite complicated, but you should get the hang at ipis-osx (search for smbios…).
    Thireus did quite a lot of work on this…


  173. Josh says:


    I am curious about your system settings, as I think my machine is somewhat like yours. Can you get the kext loaded correctly, which means can your machine be 1024×600 and with sound?

    PS:I will give also a try on those file, help Nik for investigations =]


  174. admin says:


    No problem, and THANKS for the link.
    I’ll investigate…


  175. Paolo says:

    Hi Josh,
    looks like our 1000HE have basically the same configuration.
    I got an off-the-shelf 1000HE upgraded to 2GB memory at the shop.
    The WiFi card is the original NE771 and BIOS is standard 1002 downloaded from Asus Web site. The only additional modification to the system is the HD, I’ve upgraded to a 320Gb one, same model of the original one simply bigger.

    The System presently is working at 99%, the only issue remaining is the sleep/hibernate previously mentioned. Have sound, webcam and 1024×600 accelerated (the little the Intel chipset can accelerate :-) ) graphic.
    Haven’t really tested the microphone but it seems to be working.

    I’ve started installing SL on the HD having the following partions (prepared using XP tools like Partition Magic or Disk Commander) using MBR mode:
    - Partition 1 Primary Active: 88Gb stock Windows XP System NTFS
    - Partition 2 Primary Inactive: 80Gb Snow Leopard System Mac OS Extended Journaled
    - Partition 3 Extended: contains 4 additional logical partitions
    – Partition 3.1 Linux Swap: 4Gb
    – Partition 3.2 Linux System: 32Gb Mandriva System Ext3
    – Partition 3.3 Linux Users: 48Gb Mandriva User home directories Ext3
    – Partition 3.4 Windows Data: 65Gb XP data NTFS
    - Partition 4 Primary Inactive: 49.4Mb 0xEF Partition for eeePC Bios quick start feature

    I’ve started with the system having Leopard installed in the MAC partition and followed exactly Nik tutorial with just minor variations:
    - After preparing the bootable USB key as described by Nik I’ve installed the OSInstall I found in other tutorials without changing the standardi OSInstall.mpkg.
    - When erased and formatted the MAC OS partition used MBR option.
    - Installed on the MBR type partition
    - I haven’t installed anything from Chamaleon in the disk boot loader, just did the installation of boot1 and boot in the OS-X partition. Didn’t did that step ‘cos I prefer to keep the Linux bootloader in which I have configured the options to boot from Windows partition, OS-X and Linux itself. Additionally I’ve also configured XP native boot manager to boot from XP partition or OS-X partition using the “chain0″ method (you can easily find info about it searching for chain0 dual boot OS-X). With this setup I usually select the OS to boot from Linux bootloader and if something shoud go bad can repair the bootloader using XP CD console and still have the option of booting OS-X from XP boot menu. (easier done than said :-) )
    - After installation I couldn’t boot OS-X until I copied Nik Extra directory in the OS-X partition root. Files could be copied either using XP plus some MAC filesystem drivers or from SL DVD using the shell.

    After copying the files at the following reboot everything worked as expected except the brightness Fn keys, sleep/hibernate and the volume keys (see my previous postings). I’ve fixed the brightness as described in previous postings and volume keys using Spark as suggested by Nik. Didn’t use Hotkey Enabler ‘cos its setup placed a dsdt.aml in the root plus some additional .kext that rendered the internal wireless not working and ‘cos Spark looks much more quick to react when pressing keys.

    Doing some testing and messing things up I found out a couple of additional issues that might be of interest:
    - If you have a dsdt.aml in the root of OS-X partition it seems to be loaded instead of the one present in the /Extra directory (that happened with Hotkey Enabler installation)
    - If you have two OS-X partitions with the Extra directory in them, not necessarily in the same disk, it seems that Chamaleon goes crazy and doesn’t necesarily loads .kekt or dsdt from the right partition unless correctly instructed (You must set up a specific Chamaleon configuration file to allow dual boot of Leopard and SL, as an example. This is documented on the net). It has happened to me when I’ve installed SL on an external USB disk to test it before the “official” installation. In that case Chamaleon booted SL from the USB disk but loaded some of the kext (and maybe the dsdt.aml) from Leopard disk, in this situation I couldn’t manage to have 1024×600 graphic or audio.

    Hope this may help you.


  176. Josh says:


    Lastly I found what is the problem, actually when I run the eee-mkext-create.sh in /Extra, and reboot, I get all the stuffs correctly loaded (noted that I am still in 10.6.0, not 10.6.1)

    Anyway, thanks Nik and you =]


  177. Josh says:


    Thanks for your long reply.

    Um…actually I mostly did the same thing as yours, but I still can’t get sound and GMA loaded correctly, I figured out that there were loading message when I use -v to boot SL, which is written loading HFS+ files from /Extra something like that. But lastly I think none of them were loaded.

    I am wondering if my booting method was wrong so the things went wrong.
    My partition is just simply:

    1. stock XP
    2. SL
    3. ubuntu linux 9.10
    4. linux-swap

    in the setup of installation of SL, I do the install of boot1h as well as copy boot to /, and copy Extra to /. After that I figured out the grub2 in ubuntu 9.10 will not correctly load SL from expected, so I reinstall grub 0.97 and I can successfully see Chamaleon after I have chosen from grub boot menu.

    At the time I have tried both keeping the installation SD card in the slot and without it, both still doesn’t make any changes to the loading of kext.

    As I am rather new to SL (or even Mac :) ), I don’t know what have I done wrong.
    Just hoping I will get all those work soon :)


  178. admin says:

    Yes, it seems that in certain circumstances the mkext is not correctly packed.
    I added this information to the article.


  179. Paolo says:

    Hi Nik,
    I’ve installed the new pack and after the first reboot had the same issue as Josh.
    After running eee-mkext-create.sh and rebooting the kext were loaded.
    I can confirm you that everything seems to be working as expected.
    I can use brightness controls, ethernet, wifi and bluetooth (haven’t tested it in deep but at least it sees my devices so everything seems good).
    I’ve also tested sleep mode and I can confirm that now the eeePC enters in sleep mode.
    Will test hibernation as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the support and for the great job!


  180. Josh says:


    Just want to know if I want speedstep to be using in the Mac, is that only thing to do is to put that kext into /Extra and run the eee-mkext-create script and done?


  181. Paolo says:

    Hi Nik,
    I’ve tested also Hibernation and it works too after additional tweaking.

    The problem I found was that on restarting Chamaleon complained that the image file was too big and refused to load it.
    I’ve found the fix to this in the following forum: http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php/topic,562.msg2333.html#msg2333

    Basically you have to install XCODE (apple GCC based compiler and developement environment), slightly modify resume.c file, compile with “make embedtheme” to enable the graphic themes in Chamaleon and copy the resulting hached “boot” file to OS-X partition root.

    After that … hibernate … switch on … and resume!

    Hope this may help others with the same issue.


  182. Lapog says:


    After more search I found that the configs have to be exact for the DSDT to work. As I said, I am a newbie to Hackintosh.

    Could you please provide the complete specs of your eeePC? I’ll try to match it before I proceed.

    Thank you!
    Really appreciate it.

  183. admin says:

    Actually, Speedstep should work out of the box with VoodooPower.kext already included.
    If you want to check if it works, you can download the GenericCPUPowerManagement Application from http://www.superhai.com/darwin.html.
    It should show you the CPU load and frequency (try to move the mouse very rapidly, the load and frequency should go up).


  184. admin says:


    To answer your questions:
    You can find the BIOS version by hitting F2 key when booting up to go in the BIOS settings. There you should see a line saying “ASUS 1000HE ACPI BIOS REVISION XXX”.
    You probably have 1002 (the latest one from ASUS), for which the dsdt is made.

    It should work like a charm with SSD (the eee just sees a HardDisk) and it should be VEEEERY fast. Just make sure that you have enough space (16GB or more, even though you should be able to cram it onto a 8GB SSD)

    No it is not necessary to have 2GB of RAM, BUT the dsdt only works with 2GB.
    I’ll try to build a 1GB version as soon as possible…


  185. Lapog says:

    Thank you for a quick reply.

    I have placed my orders for a 2GB RAM and a SSD. It should arrive sometime next week. I have already created the USB stick. One issue I faced was:

    => After creating the DMG on desktop, I had to ‘Scan for restore’ before transferring to USB. This may not be a default condition (since you mention that the DMG should automatically load up – for me, it did not).

    BTW, nice slick video! Very artistic.


  186. Mitch Malone says:

    Hey Nik, did you ever build the 1GB DSDT? Is it at all possible to do this with the 0802 BIOS version or should I go ahead and flash that?

  187. Lapog says:

    Oh… yeah, Bios is Ver 1002.

  188. Bob says:

    Ok, weird, went away afte a reboot. Added the -legacy bootflag for a boost in preformance. Added the new extras folder and followed the terminal commands to recreate extensions. Resolution changable now, but there is no option for a 1024×600 (resolution of my 1000ha). Any ideas?

  189. Bob says:

    Edit: I’m stuck at 800×600, but it’s not stretched out accross the screen as before. I have a solid black bar accross the right side. There are now several options under Display in sys prefs to change the resolution, but no 1024×600. Any ideas how to add this. Would like to avoid switchres x if possible.

  190. Waldi65 says:


    sure you run sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk2 ?

    I had this error when i didn’t check exactly and copied out the result of my diskutil list which lists disk2 instead of rdisk2. Running command with disk2 showed me same error message as you describe here. Changing to rdisk2 went fine then.
    Rgds, Waldi

  191. admin says:

    Before we can confirm anything we need to know what model are you’ll get.
    If it’s a 1000HE please have a look in this comments (use the find of your browser or goto


  192. admin says:

    This sounds like you’d try to use the wrong disk…
    Are you sure that you got the right disk ID?
    It is not always rdisk2 (it might be some other ID 0,1,2,3,…).

  193. admin says:

    Did you check out Ipis-OSX forum for help?

  194. admin says:

    Please have a look above, this has already been discussed at length and I did reply in detail.
    Try CMD-F and then type “MBR” ;-)

  195. admin says:

    Thanks for the info.
    I’ll put up a note…


  196. admin says:


    The remaining problems point to a invalid/incorrectly modified/incompatible dsdt.aml file, as all this stuff is handled by the DSDT.


  197. Andrew says:

    Hey Faebe,

    Can you link me to the ralinktech driver you used to make your wifi card work? I’m using a 1000H too, and my wifi is the only thing that’s not working.


  198. Mitch Malone says:

    It has arrived.

    Asus 1000HE
    BIOS Revision 0802
    160GB HDD
    1GB RAM

    Is there more you need to know?

    I get ip to the second part and there is no error, it just hangs after I select the drive.

  199. Mitch Malone says:

    As mentioned before, the current specs are Asus 1000HE, BIOS Revision 0802, 160GB HDD, 1GB RAM. I will flash the BIOS this evening using the install pack on this page and the file called 1000HE-ASUS-1002.ROM (renamed to 1000HE.ROM of course for the flash.

    The only thing I cannot do immediately is update my RAM to 2GB. Am I able to use the DSDT from this tutorial or is there another DSDT I must acquire first?

    Any help you can give with this final step would be greatly appreciated!

    - Mitch

  200. Toonces says:

    Hi Mitch, the wifi card in my 1000HE worked straight out of the box. It really depends on what card ASUS built your 1000HE with but it should work just fine. To use Nik’s DSDT.aml you’ll need to upgrade your RAM to 2GB and BIOS to 1002 and everything will go without a hitch.

    Easiest install I’ve done on the ASUS 1000 series!


  201. Slicedbread says:

    can you elaborate on the steps in the middle?

    “- booted from fresh installed external hdd and did backup with time maschine on USB stick
    - booted again from installation usb stick and restored backup onto second partition

    Boot off USB stick and install SL onto your external HDD (from your USB diskimage).
    you then boot from the external HDD, and use its time machine to backup the install (from external HDD onto the USB stick again)?

    How is there room on your stick to fit both the existing diskimage and the new TM backup from the fresh install?


  202. Mitch Malone says:

    I think this is my problem – the DSDT. IS there a DSDT available for my configuration?

  203. Mitch Malone says:

    Sorry for leaving so many comments, but I have answered some of my own questions and also need answers to a few more.

    Firstly, I have upgraded my BIOS to 1002 without any hassles and I can now get my installer to boot. BUT, I am now faced with this error message.

    Is this because of my DSDT file? If so, where am I able to find a DSDT file to fix this? And if not, what *is* causing it? lol

  204. admin says:

    I think you are using a U3 USB stick.
    They contain a “fixed”partition that contains the U3 “crap” (programs that can run on startup and that handle the login, encrypting of the data and so on). It is seen as a non writeable CD rom.
    And the data partition that is writeable and contains.. wait…. the DATA… ;-)

    There are ways to reformat the stick in “normal” mode, but you’ll destroy the U3 capabilities (not that you’d probably want them, as OSX can’t use that anyway).
    Look around Google, you should be able to find this quite easily (this differs between models, so I can’t give you a definitive answer…)

    Good luck,


  205. admin says:

    Check out the new Download section.
    I uploaded a 1 and a 2GB version.


  206. Mitch Malone says:

    Thank you so much for making the 1GB DSDT available for download, however I am still getting this error message after I boot.

  207. admin says:

    Have you disabled Quick boot in the BIOS?

  208. Mitch Malone says:

    Yes, I have definitely disabled Quick Boot

  209. Waldi65 says:

    “Boot off USB stick and install SL onto your external HDD (from your USB diskimage).
    “you then boot from the external HDD, and use its time machine to backup the install (from external HDD onto the USB stick “again)?

    “How is there room on your stick to fit both the existing diskimage and the new TM backup from the fresh install?

    To be honest i used 2 USB sticks with 8GB and 16GB. Installed from 8gb stick to external hdd, booted from external hdd and did backup of this installation to 16gb usb stick. Then again booted from installation stick and restored from 16gb stick to internal partition.

    And yes, it’s also possible to run it in parallel with windows 7. Did it before on parallel with 10.5.7.


  210. admin says:


    First you should use the 1GB DSDT from our download section (the one I put up on my other site eNik is (as far as I remember) not for the 1002 BIOS revision).

    Then, if you just get the blinking cursor, this points more likely to a problem with the boot sector (that the boot0 or the boot1h file have been written incorrectly). Please recheck that you did install them to the correct drive (the USB stick).

    Keep us posted,

  211. parken says:

    Paolo, I tried this solution, and event if the minis seams to but hibernate I do not think it’s working for this two reasons:
    1. my iMac 2008 with 4G of RAM takes about 20 sec. to hibernate and 20 sec. to wake, while the eee hibernate and wakes almost instantaneously (suspicious…);
    2. chameleon still reports hat the sleep image is broken (I cannot recall the message that appears at boot, bad head sectors… or something).
    I think that the fix at the boot file code only eliminates some check at the hibernation process, so that no error is reported and that you get a regular sleep…

  212. Bob says:

    Same problem. Currently using switchresx as a workaround. Everything else is flawless on my 1000ha.

  213. admin says:

    What model of eee are you using?

  214. admin says:

    It looks as if your eee is just going to sleep.
    You can test it by forcing hibernation by using the DeepSleep widget.
    Just for info, hibernation does NOT work for me.


  215. admin says:

    I don’t have the slightest idea.
    Tiger was waaaay different from Snow Leopard and the kexts in the package for sure won’t work with Tiger.
    I don’t know if Chameleon works with Tiger, but if it does, there should be a way to do that.

    But this will involve a fair amount of hacking and try/error.
    So if you’re not really at ease with hacking kexts and DSDTs, don’t even think about this.
    Get the Snow Leopard DVD for 29$ (or if you don’t own a Mac with Leopard get the bundle at 129$ I think).
    The least you can do is to pay the normal price for this.
    Building a Hackintosh is NOT about pirating, so please make sure you own the adequate licence for OSX.


  216. admin says:

    No problem.
    I’m just typing “ls -l”.
    This lists the content of the directory that you’re in.
    Only to check that you are in the right place (there must be a bunch of files called bootXX).


  217. admin says:

    This is a problem with the boot files.
    I just put up a new section called USB boot problems.
    Please check this out and report back.


  218. Andrew says:

    Copying/pasting the first line of the ReadMe1 file give me a “No Such File or Directory” error.

    Typing “Is -1″ gives me a “Command Not Found” error.


  219. Andrew says:

    Argh, so I guess the HACKINTOSH zip file is actually HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.1, not what the ReadMe file says. I still can’t get through this Terminal stuff successfully. I got a Boot0 error on my 1000H when I went to try it.

    I’m gonna try NetbookBootMaker in the meantime…

  220. kavawava says:

    I noticed that my Bios was not updated and went back and updated it to 1002. Tried it again and the progress bar travels a little further (say 33% complete this time) but still no luck.

    So I started from scratch and now am stuck at creating the USB tumbdrive with SL on it. After I create the .dmg image and try to restore it onto my 8GB tumbdrive Disk Utility goes through the process of restoring it then when it gets down to the last 1 minute it says “Restore Failure: Could not restore – Cannot allocate memory”

    Any ideas?

    thanks again.

  221. admin says:


    This looks to me as if your USB Drive can’t hold up (bad memory cells, too slow, you name it) as both problems seem to stem from reading/writing problems to/from the Stick.
    I’d try with another Stick (avoid the cheapo 10$ ones, as they often are of lesser quality).
    The HardDrive most probably has nothing to do with it.

    Good luck and keep us posted,

  222. admin says:

    It’s “ls -l” like in a lowercase LETTER “L”, not the number “1″
    And yes, I had to number the zip files somehow for the different versions, so rename that to what is shown in the video.
    And get the 1.3 version please from the downloads section, I did update the README files.


  223. Andrew says:

    Alright, I know I’m obnoxious, but I’ve been working on this thing for almost 5 hours.

    II can get an “Installation Complete” on my 1000H, but then it needs to restart. When it does, it just tries to install SL again. I tried quitting the OSX Installer and choosing the HD as the startup disk, but it doesn’t make a difference.

  224. Andrew says:

    GOT IT.

    Wireless, sleep aren’t working, and screen resolution is still stuck at 800×600 even in 10.6.1.

  225. Andrew says:

    K, sleep and res fixed thanks to your code above!

  226. dodoph says:

    Please, how did you “GOT IT” !!! I do have the same problem, exactly !!

  227. kavawava says:


    You sir, are a GENIUS! I bought a new 8GB usb drive and it worked wonderfully (looks like the original thumb drive I was using was indeed a bit old). I installed and loaded SL perfectly on my 1000HE (i’m actually posting this comment using my SL 100HE right now). Thanks so much again!

    One small problem I have however, is that every time I restart the system the computer will not boot directly into SL from the hard drive unless the usb drive is plugged in. After it boots up I can remove the usb drive and continue working like normal. Basically every time I restart I need to hit the Esc key a couple of times, then tell the computer to use my thumb drive, then when the Chameleon page appears I have to tell it to boot from my Hard drive and not the Mac OS X install disc.

    Again, any ideas would be so helpful!

  228. Lapog says:

    OK…I fixed one error. The disk ID should be just the first line not the 2nd line, i.e., disk1 and not disk1s1 or disk1s2 in the “sudo dd….” commands. Great.

    So now the USB boots but halts at the first screen and say “You need to restart your computer. Hold power button ….”

    I cannot get past this. Hope you can help!

  229. jer says:

    I’m stuck at this as well. Kernel panic. Followed the directions to a T, did it three times even to rule out I messed something up. Not sure what to try now. At bios 1002, have 1 gb of ram in the box, so I did copy the dsdt.aml from the appropriate dir to my Extras folder on the usb stick. wrote boot1h onto the right partition (disk3s2 in my case)… not sure what else to try; ideas?

  230. kavawava says:

    UPDATE (10/24):


    Fixed the whole USB boot issue by just replacing the /Extra folder and using terminal to redo the steps shown in the “INSTALL_2.Readme.” I probably just messed it up the first time around.

    I do however have some minor issues that I’d love to get some help with. Currently the following DO NOT work for me:

    - Ethernet
    - Sleep/Shutdown (When I put the system to sleep the monitor goes black, but the machine still stays on)
    - Battery Icon (when unplugged it still says “Charged”)
    - Hotkeys (i.e. for volume or screen brightness)

    The following DO work:

    + Wifi (stock card, no swapping out)
    + Graphics
    + Sound
    + Webcam
    + Internal Mic
    + Bluetooth
    + Trackpad

    thanks again!

  231. admin says:

    Ethernet: try to plug the cable BEFORE booting, often this helps
    Sleep/Shutdown: Going to sleep can be long (but less than 90 secs)
    Battery: strange, no idea – might be a problem with the 1000HE (you sure you’re using a right DSDT ? 1GB/2GB)
    Hotkeys: Brightness should work (again, right DST?) the others don’t work (except sleep), I use the Spark freeware, otherwise you might want to lookup HotkeyEnabler ofer at ipis-osx (not sure if this works with SL already)…


  232. kavawava says:

    UPDATE (10/26)

    Thanks for all your help again Nik

    + Ethernet works! (Just need to plug it in before booting, that was easy)
    + Volume hotkeys work! (Used Spark Freeware to enable volume buttons, mute and color invert, its awesome)

    - Tried double checking my DSDT for 2GB 1000HE, Sleep/Shutdown still don’t work after waiting 5 minutes for both.
    - Brightness controls don’t work, again double checked my DSDT and its correct. (Haven’t tried Hotkeyenabler yet)
    - Battery indicator remains at 100%, not responsive at all. (Currently using coconutBattery to track charge level)

    also on a side note, do you have a PayPal to accept donations? I think you’re providing a fabulous service and would like to say thanks somehow.


  233. kavawava says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts, but

    How do I ensure that my DSDT is installed correctly? I tried replacing the .aml file in my /Extra folder in my HDD (root) just to double check and rebooted the system. Is that all I need to do or is there more to it?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question.

  234. admin says:


    Stupid questions:
    – you did update to 10.6.1, didn’t you (cause the graphics kexts are for this version)?
    – you do use the latest package from the downloads section (at least V1.2), do you?
    – for sleep, check if the SleepEnabler.kext is present under /Extra/Extensions

    As for the donations. I really appreciate you wanting to donate, but this is something that I’ll keep free and for fun forever ;-) Fortunately I have the luxury to afford it…
    So I’d rather you show your support by helping out the other users who have problems and post on technow.
    Or donate to Leo Laport’s TWIT network…


  235. admin says:

    there are no stupid questions ;-)
    I haven’t found a way to check if the dsdt has been loaded, but you might try to push the silver on/off button. If the dialog comes up, it has been loaded (yeah, stupid, I know)…

    Now for your other problems:
    First try to repair permissions (either in DiskUtilty or in terminal with: sudo diskutil repairPermissions / )
    Then check if the SleepEnabler has been loaded type the following in the Terminal (the lines in quotes are the result you should get):

    kextstat | grep SleepEnabler

    “20 0 0x2e32d000 0×2000 0×1000 sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler (1.0.0) <7 4 3>”

    ioreg | grep Sleep

    “+-o SleepEnabler <class SleepEnabler, id 0×0, !registered, !matched, active, busy 0, retain 4>”

    For the Battery Indicator check if the Voodoo kexts have been loaded (as above):
    kextstat | grep Voodoo

    17 0 0x2e6fa000 0×4000 0×3000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooBattery (1.2.0) <14 4 3>
    18 0 0x2e712000 0×6000 0×5000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooPower (1.2.3) <11 7 5 4 3>
    44 0 0x3475e000 0x1d000 0x1c000 org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (0.2.2) <43 13 8 7 5 4 3 1>

    ioreg | grep Voodoo

    | | | +-o VoodooHDADevice <class VoodooHDADevice, id 0×0, registered, ma$
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | +-o VoodooBatteryPowerSource <class VoodooBatteryPowerSource, id 0×0, $
    | | +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched,$
    +-o VoodooPower <class VoodooPower, id 0×0, registered, matched, active,$
    +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched, a$

    And finally for brightness control (check the version of com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer and com.apple.driver.AppleIntelGMA950):

    kextstat | grep Intel

    21 0 0x2e76e000 0×18000 0×17000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement (90.0.0) <7 6 5 4 3 1>
    34 0 0×34527000 0×11000 0×10000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer (6.0.2) <19 14 13 11 7 5 4 3 1>
    36 0 0x345a8000 0×36000 0×35000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelGMA950 (6.0.2) <35 19 13 10 7 5 4 3 1>
    41 0 0x2e824000 0×9000 0×8000 com.apple.driver.AppleIntelPIIXATA (2.5.0) <40 13 5 4 3>

  236. Lapog says:

    I think my USB disk is not fast enough or compatible for the purpose. I’ll be purchasing a new one and try again. But I’ve already sunk so much money into this that the purchase will have to wait till Nov. :(

  237. jer says:

    I bowed down and used the Netbook Installer, which is now letting me install… 22 minutes left, hoping it works.

  238. jer says:

    Well the Netbook Installer gave me a working install… Driver problems now :) Got the ethernet working with the extensions provided in the download above, but my wifi isn’t, so need to figure that out. Just posting this in case anyone else has the same problems I have had with kernel panicing and decides to go the way I did via netbook installer

  239. admin says:

    Glad it did work with the Netbook Installer. When I tried it it messed up my install because it expected a 1000H and not a 1000HE.
    For the wifi, there are no specific kexts, you’ll have to find the wifi drivers from the manufacturer. There is already a discussion about this in the comments.
    When you get a KP, it’s usually a problem with the kexts or the dsdt.aml file (not the boot0 or boot1h file).
    Did you try to disable Quickboot in the BIOS?


  240. Mark says:

    I have the exact same problem at the moment. I followed the instructions step by step, but I get the kernel panic screen about 5 seconds after seeing the apple logo when booting from the USB stick. I have 2GB RAM and I flashed my BIOS to 1002, so I surely have the correct DSDT file if i choose the 2GB one from the ZIP file right? So whatever my issue is, I don’t think it’s having the wrong DSDT.

    I’m not sure what else to try, but I think I might follow suit and try Netbook Installer, as jer has done. Unless you have more advice for me :)

  241. admin says:


    Yes you need to write the boot files (boot0 and boot1h) to the OSX harddisk partition in order to boot without the USB stick.
    Before you upgrade, make sure to replace the DSDT with the one for 2GB of memory and reboot only afterwards.
    No other changes are needed.


  242. admin says:


    Nothing to do for you. I just updated the Readme files in order to replace path with HACKINTOSH_SNOWLEOPARD to HACKINTOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3 because some users didn’t get that they had to rename the folder (and take out the version number for the shell command to work).
    That’s the problem when you make tutos for noobs ;-)
    I’ll put up a sort of release notes in the download section to avoid such confusion – sorry,


  243. admin says:

    Sorry, error on my side, what I said above is from 1.2 to 1.3.
    To go from 1.1 to 1.2 just copy the Extra folder to the root (and recreate the mkext file if you have resolution problems).


  244. admin says:

    Frankly, I don’t remember what version I built it with(you might try, if you have a possibility to revert back – Mac and external harddisk adapter)…
    But have a look at ipis-osx (link at the bottom right of this site), there are lots of (working!) DSDTs available.


  245. admin says:

    Usually it does not work in mirroring mode (and is difficult to revert). But to have the extended display (2 screens) it should work.


  246. admin says:

    Head over to ipis-osx (link at the bottom right of this site) and search for the DSDT.
    Like that you’ll get the latest one…


  247. Ish Kabibl says:

    Thanks for the reply Nik. I assume you mean to copy the 2GB dsdt.aml file into the extra folder in the root of the hard drive. And I’m also assuming I should do this just before upgrading the hardware. Is that correct?

  248. Ish Kabibl says:

    The third link on Ralink’s Macintosh software page worked for me (but my 1000h is a stripped down version bought from Best Buy). Hope this helps…

  249. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the response, Ish.

    I tried installing that driver and restarting, but it didn’t make a difference.

    I think something bigger is amiss here. Airport is COMPLETELY missing from my Network pref pane. I can’t add it as an interface at all. My only options are Ethernet Adaptor (en0), VPN, PPPoE, and 6 to 4.

  250. Andrew says:

    Ok, so I enabled WLAN in BIOS (embarrassing), and I guess now one of the twelve drivers I installed is working!

    Anybody have any info on getting the battery meter to work? Mine is telling me “Power source not present” even when I’m plugged in.

  251. admin says:

    I know, that I repeat myself, but do you have a DSDT that worked for others with SnowLeopard on the 1000H?
    Unfortunately I don’t own a 1000H anymore so I really can’t help you there. But I did put up the DSDTs that I found on ipis-OSX in 1GB and 2GB versions from two reliable sources (alex_l and dadaz).

    Go here:


  252. Christopher says:

    Andrew, after installing the driver – does your wifi work as a normal airport card or do you have to use the horrible ralink utility?

    Which driver and DSDT did you use?

    I’ve just completed my installation, and I’m stuck with the Ralink utility…

  253. Andrew says:

    If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure I used the 1000H 2GB DSDT file found here: http://www.enik.ch/PublicFiles/File/downloads/DSDT_0.1.zip

    I haven’t tried any other DSDTs, and frankly I’m a little terrified at the thought of doing the whole thing over just to switch out the DSDT file. Can you just swap DSDTs somehow without going through the whole partitioning/installing/etc. process again? Have people said that your 1000H DSDT from the Downloads section makes everything work?

    Yes, it makes me use the ugly ralinktech utility. It gets the job done, but it’s definitely annoying. Unfortunately, I tried two drivers from the ralinktech site (neither worked) before enabling WLAN in BIOS (whoops), so I’m not sure which driver works/if one or the other allows you to use Airport instead of the ralinktech utility. I did install the third driver (third link on ralinktech’s Mac software page) second and then enabled WLAN, so maybe that’s the one that my 1000H is using…? I think I’m going to risk trying the first driver. Does anyone know the difference between the two? One says wireless usb, and the other is like PCI or something.

  254. admin says:

    If you don’t have a working OSX box OTHER than the Hackintosh, you might:
    - Rename the existing dsdt to let’s say dsdt.old
    - Put in place the new one
    - If, and only if you get a KernelPanic (which should not happen, as those dsdt had been tested by their creators) you can boot into single user mode, delete the offending dsdt and rename the old one


  255. Andrew says:

    Well, I tried alex_i’s and dadaz’s DSDT files. Both made the battery work. I still have no volume or brightness control though. Hotkeyenabler, maybe?

    More importantly, now that my battery meter works, apparently I have 1 hour 40 minutes remaining with a 70% charge. Not the 7 hour battery life I was expecting. System Profiler says my battery health is normal, but I do have a refurbished machine. Hmmm… :-/

  256. admin says:

    Frankly, I run out of ideas for the brightness control…
    As for the battery life, forget the 7 hours (I didn’t even get that under the original XP).
    Expect 4-5 hours under XP and around 2.5-3.5 hours under OSX (as it does not very well handle power saving it wasn’t designed to do so with ASUS PCs).


  257. Andrew says:


    Well, I guess I won’t have to deal with buying a new battery, at least.

    Still working on getting volume buttons and Airport working… I tried the first ralink driver again, restarted, and it gave me an error that required a restart. Restarted OK the second time, but still no Airport. Not sure of the difference between the ralink drivers, or which is better.

  258. Andrew says:

    Volume Control Fix for 1000H:

    Install the app “Spark
    File -> New Hotkey -> System
    Set shortcut for Volume actions (mute, volume up, volume down).

    I read that the Fn button doesn’t work, so I use Ctrl+F10 for mute, Ctrl+F11 for volume down, and Ctrl+F11.

    Works great!

  259. Mike says:

    Can you tell me some of the drivers you tried? I can’t get mine to work, even with the ralink stuff. WLAN is enabled in BIOS.

  260. admin says:

    Usually you shouldn’t need SwitchresX…
    Try the DSDTs for the 1000H that I just put up in the download section:



  261. David says:

    I used your DSTD for 1000h and 2 GB. What i did, that i don’t know if its wrong, is to apply the terminal solution at 10.6.0. So after upgrading to 10.6.1 nothing changed. Two questions:

    Can i revert the terminal solution changes for trying it again at 10.6.1?
    Can i change with the DSTD app my current dsdt without reinstalling?

    Sorry if my questions are a bit silly but, i don’t really understand completely all this stuff :D
    Thanks for your response.

  262. David says:

    Tried the whole installation again with the new dsdt (dadaz version) and no luck, after the Extensions.mkext part at 10.6.1 the screen goes from the 800×600 to the same but with the thick black border on the right, and now are more resolutions avalaible but there is no 1024×600.

    Thank you if i solve the problem i’ll post it.

  263. David says:

    Well i had good resolution with SwitchresX, but the performance dropped a lot so, i decide to repeat the entire process (i even installed ubuntu 9.10 remix meanwhile, and although the idea of new menus is good, it was not as nice experience as having a OSX).

    What finally has worked for me is (i think because i have done so many things that i don’t know if they are mandatory), was after installing like this first tutorial, used netbookinstaller and checked the option install bootloader, install general extensions AND Install old mirror friendly GMA kext. Until i checked the old GMA the resolution was stucked at 800×600 or any other standar resolution but not the 1024×600. After reboot, tachan!!! native eee 1000h resolution was there without doing anything else.

  264. admin says:

    Yes please report back if you can resolve it, as others surely have the same problem.



  265. David says:

    TextEdit or any other text editor, you can also rename it to .txt inestead of readme.

  266. ori says:

    tnx. i did use text edit but it didnt look like the video, so i thought i needed some special prog…
    tnx. let the games begin! :-)

  267. admin says:

    No it does indeed look differently, because I use “Smultron” as an editor, which is free and quite useful.


  268. David says:

    Playing with kext for gma950 and still no luck. Do you think this problem could be solved with kext or dsdt fixes?

    Some people on this blog had this problem, has someone solved (black bar at 800×600) so is the real 800×600, not the streched one after appling the kext for fixing problems posted on this page.
    I can change resolution to 1024×768, the black bar on the right disapear but the dock is not visible.

  269. admin says:

    You’ll still get a reply ;-)

    Have you tried to hook up the ethernet cable BEFORE booting the eee?
    This seems to sort out the problem for some.
    Sound is handled by the VoodooHDA kext and should not depend on the dsdt.
    What model are you using?
    Otherwise try to check if the kext is correctly loaded:

    kextstat | grep Voodoo

    17 0 0×2e6fa000 0×4000 0×3000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooBattery (1.2.0) <14 4 3>
    18 0 0×2e712000 0×6000 0×5000 com.superhai.driver.VoodooPower (1.2.3) <11 7 5 4 3>
    44 0 0×3475e000 0×1d000 0×1c000 org.voodoo.driver.VoodooHDA (0.2.2) <43 13 8 7 5 4 3 1>

    ioreg | grep Voodoo

    | | | +-o VoodooHDADevice <class VoodooHDADevice, id 0×0, registered, ma$
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | | +-o VoodooHDAEngine <class VoodooHDAEngine, id 0×0, registered, $
    | | +-o VoodooBatteryPowerSource <class VoodooBatteryPowerSource, id 0×0, $
    | | +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched,$
    +-o VoodooPower <class VoodooPower, id 0×0, registered, matched, active,$
    +-o VoodooBattery <class VoodooBattery, id 0×0, !registered, !matched, a$

    Good luck,


  270. cb says:

    DSDT and new bios appears to fix sleep but HDA engine still not loading.

    If I have that fixed the only thing still not working is that the battery indicator does not show either time or percentage.

    Thanks, cb

  271. admin says:

    If you say that it’s not loading, does that mean that it does not show up in “kextstat”?


  272. admin says:


    What do you mean by “bootscreen”?
    Have you tried booting with -v option to see where it’s stuck?
    Did you place the correct DSDT in the /Extra folder?


  273. admin says:

    You don’t need to flash this ROM in order to make it work (if you are already at version 2102).
    This one only contains a SLIC 2.1 table in addition to the original BIOS from ASUS.

    IF you REALLY want to flash it, make sure that the 1000H.ROM file is the ONLY file on a FAT formatted USB stick.
    Then it should work (takes some time and seems to freeze for a moment)…


  274. cb says:

    Yes, I posted my “kextstat” results but for some reason it is not showing up on the blog here. All the voodoo stuff showed loaded but HDA. ????

    Thanks for your continued support.


  275. W.D says:

    OK, I solved it! OSX works like a charm!
    I had installed a patched BIOS for Windows 7. I replaced that with the original ASUS BIOS, and then it worked.

  276. admin says:

    Looks as if you have a problem with the CPU mamagement.
    Try to copy the /Extra folder to your USB Stick…

    And make sure that you have all the needes kexts in it…


  277. admin says:

    Check if you have a file named _VoodooHDA.kext and rebuild the mkext file as described above in the article.


  278. admin says:

    Yes that should do it…


  279. stoobz says:

    hey Mark,

    I´m about to install SL on my 1000H and also would like to put on Windows7 with a Dual Boot. Could you please explain how I have to do this? (like with this “OSInstall framework” -what is this and where can I get it)

    do I have to do something prior to install SL, or everything just after SL is already up and running?

    many thnx in advance for any help and have a nice weekend!

  280. David says:

    Finally good resolution with SwitchresX, version 3.8.7 (the beta 4 version didn’t worked), also updated my BIOS to last version 2204 (don’t know if it has done something)

  281. admin says:

    This is good news, I don’t know if it was the BIOS, but now your dsdt.aml might conflict as it’s not the same version….


  282. David says:

    I have 1000h, and following this tutorial, worked for me sound, brightness, sleep, webcam, wifi (with ralink 10.5 pci driver) out of the box (didn’t tested bluetooth, ethernet or mic). The only thing didn’t worked for me at first was resolution (stucked at 800×600) now solved with switchresX 3.8.7. Previously i had 10.5.5, and don’t remember my old bios version in which i did all this process (perhaps my resolution problem was with that BIOS version?). I just updated to 2404 and everything seems to go well.

  283. admin says:


    No one can GUARANTEE that EVERYTHING (as you put it – BootCamp does not work, does it?) will work, but it is an easy guess, that SnowLeopard should work (especially as you have a fully working combination of DSDT and BIOS – which remain exactly the same for SL).
    And with the BCM Wifi you’re all set to go.

    Now the only thing you have to work around is modifying the installer to install to MBR in order to be able to dualboot.


  284. pienXo says:

    Hi, You have now installed Snow Leopard on 1000H ? What kexts you use? Kexts from HACKINTIOSH_SNOWLEOPARD_V1.3.zip? Everythings works for you on 1000H? … Yes i have AirPort card, i buy it from ebay, search for BCM94321MC, i buy it for 16$ … and setup is very easy, you can google the tutorial.

  285. admin says:


    You’re one lucky man, it’s extremely easy on a 1000H, the car is just to the right of the harddisk and can be changed by removing two screws after opening the hatch at the back of the 1000H (OK, that makes it 4 screws total ;-)

    On the 1000HE it’s waaaaay more complicated, you have to open the thing up completely (I’ve done it…) to change the car that is on the other side of the logic board….

    Get a Broadcom from ebay for around 20$ (that’s what I use). Type “BCM94321MC” in ebay’s search and you’ll be a happy camper.


  286. pienXo says:

    OK i starting backing up my HDD,… and tomorrow i start installation, but what i exactly must to do? … Now i have dualboot with EFI 256mb partition, i do that with this tutorial: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-116781/dual-boot-asus-xp-and-os-x-retail-install ,… can i delete the EFI partition, or i can have it for Snow Leopard too? … And i just do all things which is on the videos and i can set up my install or something other to do? Very Thank You

  287. admin says:

    No use the boot1h.
    I don’t know what the other is for, it’s just there for completeness (this is a whole package).


  288. admin says:

    As explained several times in this thread, you must modify a file on the USB Stick in order to allow installation on a MBR partition (usually only GUID works), cause Windows doesn’t like GUID.


  289. ori says:

    tnx. what is the commend you type in part one, around 36 sec’s in? look like ” ?? -1 ” after you type it you get a long list. after the list you paste “sidkfull list ” commend…


    BTW – my first crack at this didint work… im getting the blinking “_”….



  290. admin says:

    Please read the discussions first, I already answered this.
    I type “ls -l” to check that I’m in the right directory. This is not necessary but for paranoiac types like me it helps being sure that they actually write the right stuff in the boostsector…


  291. pienXo says:

    In this 2 videos is this explained on theirs 2 videos, how i can do that, how modify this file? Sorry for my english, Thanks for answers

  292. admin says:

    No, it’s not explained as I don’t cover dualbooting in there and the process is slightly more complicated…
    You’ll find a lot of information in this thread and on the internet (try Google…)


  293. Vitor Domingos says:

    Thanks. Got it working on my 1000HE, but the battery isn’t changing. it keeps me showing 100% and about 3 hours (on ubuntu I can get about 7h/8h with this baby). Am I missing any ktext ?

  294. rlou says:

    OK, I was able to get past the kernel panic screen I was encountering. I basically took my usb stick as it was after doing all the steps in #1, and then used netbookinstaller.app on top of it. Not sure if it’s a diff version of Chameleon, diff extentions, or diff Extra folder that resolved the issue, but whatever works is ok with me :D

    If anyone is interested, I used some steps I found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190295&st=0&start=0


  295. ferdinauta says:

    Rob, I think it’s the same problem as mine. Before launching the Mac OS Installation on the welcome screen, type -v and then type Enter. It will boot with the verbose option and you will see where is stopping. If it stops on the AppleIntelPIIXPATA loading zone, we are having the same problem.

  296. ferdinauta says:

    I’ve done all the steps of the tutorial, also copying the Extra folder to the USB stick, but it stops at that point.

  297. rlou says:

    OK, I was able to get the install started when I used the netbookinstaller.app method. However, it failed at the very end of the install and then wouldn’t boot.

    Going back to the method in this thread, I ran with -v option and I am also getting the kernel panic at:

    AppleIntelPIIXPATA: Secondary PCI IDE channel is disabled.

    going to try and figure this one out…


  298. rlou says:

    ferdinauta: ok, I figured it out. It’s a BIOS setting that needs to be changed. The Hard Drive setting (I think it’s labeled IDE …” in the BIOS) needs to be changed from Enhanced to Compatibility. Save and next time you boot it should not panic on the “AppleIntelPIIXPATA: Secondary PCI IDE channel is disabled.”

    I’m in the install now, so hopefully this did the trick…


  299. ferdinauta says:


    That’s great! I prefer not modifiying the bios settings because I would like to have a dual boot with win XP and Mac, but if it’s the only solution, I’ll try it. Do you know if changing this value we will get less disk performance?

    Thank you for that!

  300. cb says:

    Everything works now but ethernet so for me I have a workable eee. My main concern was sleep. The battery indicator and sleep started working after I used Nik’s DSDT tool. Ran through the tutorial, loaded the resulting dsdt and wala! Sleep and battery work great.

    Thanks Nik!!!!

  301. admin says:

    Would you mind sending me your DSDT with the specs (model, bios version, amount of ram) so that I can post it for others to try…


  302. admin says:

    Don’t be worried, Chameleon does not know of the different Asus EEE models.
    Those are different boot sector files and they have NOTHING to do with the model you are using…


  303. admin says:

    Oh, and your problem comes from the fact that one of the three files has not been written correctly (if you have ONLY a blinking cursor and no text, I’d guess the boot0 one has not been written correctly).
    You might also want to try another USB Stick, as a lot of people had problems booting off “el cheapo” memory sticks…


  304. admin says:

    I think that the NI is a great peace of software, however (as I already stated) I have never been able to obtain a perfectly working install with it (on my 1000HE with 2GB of memory and a Broadcom Wifi card, that is – with the 1000H it might just work ?).

    It is easier, but I don’t have enough control over what happens (for example the /Extra folder gets hidden, and unless you know how to access it, you won’t be able to change the kexts in it…) and I just don’t like stuff that “does it all”.

    But I encourage you to try it – there is no perfect solution to do it – , and please report back.


  305. admin says:

    Nope, battery life is about 3 hours, standard.
    Remember, this is a HACKintosh. Apple never intended this OS to run on the ATOM platform…

    So your install seems ok to me…


  306. Andrew says:

    Fantastic. Thanks, Nik.

  307. admin says:

    Absolutely, DO NOT UPDATE TO 10.6.2 when it comes out!!!!

  308. admin says:

    For the wifi: Stupid question (but seems to happen all the time to users): Check if WIFI is ENABLED in the BIOS.

    If you want a real solution, get a Broadcom from ebay for around 20$ (that’s what I use). Type “BCM94321MC” in ebay’s search and you’ll be a happy camper. BUT you’ll have to COMPLETELY open up your HE to change the card…

    If you update to 2GB you’ll have to change the dsdt.aml file in /Extra ONLY. Don’t touch the rest if it works…


  309. Vitor Domingos says:

    Oh! I happily regret to inform you that the battery on HE is 6hrs :) http://twitpic.com/nzn3b

    Now my problems are with the too sensible mouses that I’ve got (trackpad, logitech and microsoft).

  310. admin says:

    I happily accept this information ;-)
    No seriously, I managed times like these (around 4.5-5 hours), but you’ll have to lower the brightness and turn off the Bluetooth and the sorts…
    But please let it run out and check if you really get the indicated time when using normally (because sometimes the Battey kext just displays crap ;-)

    Let us know,


  311. Jeff says:

    I just want to say that I did the step for post installation problem. It fixed some glitchs (minor ones), everything is working perfectly (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Ethernet) but I still dont have the keyboard and the trackpad working. Is there something I can do to “install” or “re-install” the drivers for those 2 things?
    Thanx a lot for your help, i’m already enjoying SL on my eeePC, even if I have to connect USB mouse and keyboard to get my hands on it ;o)

  312. admin says:

    I really don’t know, but if you’d try Google.
    What I found in 2 minutes were, that Wifi, VideoOut, CardReader and Sleep won’t work…


    You might try the same procedure as for the eee PCs, but you’ll have to find the right kexts and dsdt first.


  313. admin says:

    Strange (but at least you thought of hooking up the keyboard and the mouse via USB – most of the guys just give up at this point ;-)

    Now, I really don’t see what the problem might be, but:

    Did you recreate the Extra.mkext as described elsewhere in this discussions?
    Do you have the _ApplePS2Controller kext in the Extensions folder (before creating the mkext)?

    Otherwise you might try the VoodooPS2Controller kext instead of the ApplePS2Controller.
    You can find it here:

    You can then put it in the Extensions folder and recreate the mkext (BACKUP the working one first!!!)
    Or if you know your way around, you might try to load it on the fly:
    kextunload the ApplePS2 one and then
    kextload -t the Voodoo one


  314. Chri says:

    Finally I used your way.The Netbook Installer way used to hang at “10 mins left” of the SL Installation.

  315. admin says:

    Netbookinstaller installs different kexts in the /Extra folder, so you’d have to merge the “best of both worlds” (the GMA kexts of NI and the rest of the kexts of my install).

    But using older “compatibility” kexts takes away all the benefits you might get (speed, stability, …).
    Good luck,
  316. David says:

    i’glad it helped you. I had no problem with sound and worked at first without doing nothing special (the welcome song was sounding before any manipulation), didn’t try bluetooth (in fact i have it disabled at bios, perhaps you could check this).

  317. Dark2tar says:

    Ok you’re great in searching i have nothing found only the Acer AAO100 900 and many other Models. Thaht’s right what you say but i cant boot any dsdt.

  318. kavawava says:

    Hey Ish,I had the same problem that you did regarding the hotkeys, but Spark freeware is a pretty easy program to use.1. Download spark from here 2. Install it by double clicking the .dmg file that you just downloaded and dragging the file to your applications folder.3. Open the program (a pop-up might come up telling you that this program was downloaded from the internet, just click “open”)4. To enable volume controls go to File -> New Hotkey -> System5. Click the “click to edit” button at the new window that pops up, then set your desired hot key (if you want to use the original keys that control volume up, down and mute you might have to go into system preferences -> keyboard and disable the actions this keys already control).6. Give the hotkey a name (i.e. Volume up, Volume down, etc.)7. Go to the Action drop down box and set what you want the key to control.8. For me I like knowing my current volume level so put a check mark next to the “Display notification icon” and “Play feedback when volume is changed.”8. Repeat steps 4-7 to enable Volume up/down, mute, screen invert, etc.9. Make sure Spark starts as soon as your computer does by going to Spark (in the menu) -> Preferences -> then under “Activiation” make sure there is a check mark next to “Start Spark Daemon at Login”10. Quit Spark, it will then just run in the background and you don’t have to think about it anymore.and thats it! Unfortunately Spark can not control screen brightness or wifi, but it does give you control over a whole bunch of system/apple script options.  To disable the wifi/bluetooth you have to do that in BIOS immediately upon starting your computer (hit F2 a bunch of times when you see the boot screen loading), then go to Advanced -> Onboard devices -> use the up/down keys to move the highlighted text over [Enabled] for bluetooth and wifi then hit enter and choose [Disable] -> press F10 to save and quit.  Boot as normal. To turn it back on just do the reverse.hope this helps!kavawava

  319. Jeff says:

    Hey Nik,Thanx for your help!  Yeah I just cant give up like this, it’s my very first time with Mac OSX and even more on a eeePC! ;o)  OK so the thing is it’s a friend of mine who create the usb stick for me with is Mac Book Pro and a dvd of SL.  He told me that he did all the steps shown in the part one video. But…  Since i’m very new into this, here’s what I can tell you.  I did not recreate the Extra.mkext.  I looked everywhere for this file and I cant find it. But if you mean the Extensions.mkext file, yes, I recreate it and it solves some minor glitch like resolution for example.  I do have the _ApplePS2Controller kext (version 1.1.0 for info) in the Extensions folder and i’m pretty sure it was there before I recreate the Extensions.mkext.  I just dont want to give up, I cant believe I cant get those 2 little things to work :)  And is it a drawback to use the Voodoo kext instead of the ApplePS2Controller? If not, i’ll give it a try.Thanx a lot again for your help and support!  

  320. Jeff says:

    Well, I tried with the Voodoo version and get the same result.  Maybe I should start from scratch and create a new USB stick and be sure that the USB stick is done right.  Or you have another idea out of nowhere to save the day?  :) Thanx again!

  321. admin says:

    First, you are absolutely right, it’s called the Extensions.mkext (and not Extra.mkext).

    My bad, this is the result when you reply when being dead tired…
    Now for the keyboard/mouse thing this is really strange.
    Did you delete the ApplePS2 kext before using the Voodoo one (i think they conflict)?
    or you might want to try to use the “kexthelper” program to install the _ApplePS2Controller kext directly to the /System/Library/Extensions folder (that’s what we usually try to avoid, because an Apple Update can kill this, even though this kext usually doesn’t exist…) and see what happens…
    After having done this and before you reboot, remove (copy to a safe location) the VoodooPS2 and the ApplePS2 kexts from the /Extra folder and rebuild the Extensions.mkext (as always BACKUP FIRST)…

    or just simply try to repair permissions of the disk in Disk Utility, this sometimes works…


  322. Ish Kabibl says:

    Hey Kavawava:Followed your directions to a tee and they workered perfectly…thanks!  Funny but when I installed Spark using a different link I found on Google (not a Beta version I think), it didn’t give me a System option under File-New Hotkey.  Too bad I can’t map a new hotkey for the wireless.  That’s the one (besides volume) I really wanted to have.  Oh well, I can definitely live with what I have now (except now I’d like a better battery than the 4-cell one that came with my Best Buy 1000h.  Any suggestions??).  Once again, T_H_A_N_K_S!!!Ish

  323. kavawava says:

    Hey Ish, glad it work out for you!  I tried another version of Spark Freeware somewhere else online and I think I had the same problem you did, I think it might have been a dead version.I think your best bet for turning off wireless will be doing it in BIOS, yeah I know its kind of a pain in the ass but its the best I can think off without maybe messing with terminal. As for your battery issue, since you have a 1000H you are actually in luck: there is a MONSTROUS 10-cell 13000mAh aftermarket battery available online (via ebay, etc.) that apparently is getting around 11-hours.  Its a bit pricey though, but for the amount of up-time you get its pretty amazing.  Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the 1000HE or i’d be all over it.  Try looking here, they discuss it over at the eeeUser forums. Let me know if any of this helps!kavawava

  324. Jeff says:

    Hey Kevin,ok, so how do I replace this DSDT file easely?  As I can see, the one I use for the installation is the 1002 version, same as my BIOS version (In fact there was 2 files,1 for the 1 GB memory and another for the 2 GB memory and my 1000 HE got 2 GB of RAM)Thanx for your help!

  325. Jeff says:

    ooohhh!To Nik and Kevin,Everything is fine now!!!  I put back the _ApplePS2Controller.kext, back up my Extensions.mkext, recreate it, reboot, Permission Repair on the disk and TADAAA, everything is fine now! ;o)))  I’m a happy guy! ;o)And now, sorry about that by i’m still a Windows guy (but not for long i’m sure lol), so how can I dual boot with Windws Seven now that my SL is worling properly?  I know you’ll tell me “why do you need a Windows if SL is now working properly”, yeah yeah I know ;o)  But as I can understand, Chameleon is the boot loader, I already have another partition ready to receive my Windows OS so how I can do it right? ;o)Thanx a lot again guys, you’ve been realy helpful ;o)

  326. Ish Kabibl says:

    Thanks again for the excellent advice kavawava!  I’m just reading through the pages of comments about the 13000mah batteries and will probably make a purchase soon after I decide which seller is most reputable.  I’ll keep you updated…

  327. Jeff says:

    Ah crap, trackpad and keyboard are gone again after a shutdown/restart… I just dont know what to think about that after both two were great all evening long… Am I missing something?Thanx again

  328. admin says:

    No, I perfectly understand that you’d use Windows (I’m not one of those Mac fanboys, even if I love my new Mac). I do still use XP on a Bootcamp partition for work and the odd moment when some app does not exist on OSX.

    Especially Windows 7 is absolutely incredible and almost on a par with OSX.
    Now, for the dual boot. I never tried it that way, usually I started with the preinstalled XP.
    You’ll probably run into one major problem which is that you formatted your disk with GUID partitioning (you have to, in order to install vanilla OSX to the eee) and Windows does not install on a GUID disk (only MBR type partitioned).
    So you’d have to (at least I think that this would work):
    - Back-up your OSX partition with Carbon Copy Cloner (free) to an external disk
    - Install Chameleon to the external disk (as shown in the tuto, but choose the ID of the external disk) and make sure you can boot off it (in case of doubt, rip the internal disk out and try to boot with only the external one hooked up)
    - Install XP (from the restore disk) or Windows 7 (this will partition as MBR and leave a big partition for OSX)
    - Boot the external copy of OSX
    - Restore OSX to the spare partition with CCC
    - Install Chameleon to the internal disk (as shown in the tuto)
    I can’t guarantee that this will work, as I don’t know if you can resore a GUID install to a MBR one, but I think it should be OK.
    The other possibility is to modify the installation package to install to MBR disks (it seems that this is not that complicated and you can find the explanations and prepatched files here, scroll down to “Patching Installation for MBR Disks”).

    But you’ll have to reinstall anyway because of Windows not liking GUID.
    Before you do anything BACK-UP your /Extra folder if it works, like that you have a secure basis to start again).



  329. pienXo says:

    Hi, i have 1000H too, i want dualboot with Windows 7, how you install SL? Some tutorial ? Or, please help me, thank you.

  330. rayen says:

    that DSDT is wrong for my 1000HE .. i just downloaded that one suited for me but have problems with keyboard, shutdown, sleep and battery status …i delete DSDT and kexts + chamelon2rc3is just enough to make everything works perfektlyalso deepsleep .. that newer work for me @10.5and stock wifi works and airport so im happy .. thx all

  331. pienXo says:

    I’m sorry wrong reply :)

  332. pienXo says:

    Hi, i have 1000H too, i want dualboot with Windows 7, but now i don’t now what i must to do, how you install SL? Some tutorial ? Or, please help me, thank you.

  333. admin says:

    No problem,

    Have a look here and read the reply I made to Jeff on November 9th, 5:29 am (yeah, at the airport early outbound to Paris ;-)
  334. pienXo says:

    Nik, if you can write some tutorial how install dualboot Windows 7 and Snow Leopard it would be AWESOME ! ! ! Today i wanna start some install from this tutorial http://osx.mechdrew.com/guides/nbi3.shtml , i think i can install it, or not? :) Nik if you have some time, tutorial on dualboot from you will be very very good ! :)

  335. admin says:

    Sorry, no time for that at the moment.You might try to install as described in the link but this will still not get you dual booting, as you format with GUID partition scheme.Try following the link that I put in my last answer above. It’s explained very clearly, how to do it….

  336. rayen says:

    yes works for me 1000HE :) everything up, just bluetooth is still on cannot be turn off as in 10.6.1  .. probably IOBluetoothfamily.ext need some update

  337. Marius says:

    is the original wifi card working?and all those other things like the trackpad and so on?

  338. pienXo says:

    I’m still on 10.6.1 … :) can be better fix tomorrow on that, or? :) Sorry for my english :)

  339. rayen says:

    i edit the HW ids in new kext so BT for 1000HE fully works in 10.6.2download here IOBluetoothFamily.kext can be deleted, just paste _BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController.kext in your /Extra/Extensions and rebouild mkexthttp://www.mediafire.com/?thxhiwmtumx

  340. pienXo says:

    I’m still on 10.6.1 … i don’t want upgrade for while, i just wait for hackintosh comunity for some better fix or something, whats going on tomorrow :) , but this kext for bluetooth should work with 1000H too? :)

  341. rlou says:

    I installed the _BroadcomUSBBluetoothHCIController.kext but I’m still not able to turn off bluetooth.  I didn’t however delete the IOBluetoothFamily.kext.  Can you tell me how to do that?Thanks,Rob

  342. rayen says:

    depends on if we have same BT devices, i think it will – anyway you can edit it to match your id if wont – you can find ids in about mac-system profiler-hardware-usb-BT-procuct ID — i have 0xb700  – its in hex so you must convert it to decimal -> 46848 (use calc – programing mode) and put it to Info.plist in that kext 

  343. rayen says:

    try to find whats HW id of your BT as i described before, if its not same replace my number 46848 with yours in Broatband..kextIOBluetoothFamily should not be the cause because there is newer version (10.6.2) in /System/Library/Extensions and in my case that one will load not that old one (10.6.1) in /Extra — so i delete it just because its not necesary

  344. rayen says:

    oh and to question, just put kext somewhere else (Desktop.. ) so if things go even worse you can put it back, and rebuild mkext,  <br/><br/>cd /Extra <br/>sudo ./eee-mkext-create.sh

  345. rlou says:

    thanks rayen.  my product ID is the same as yours.  Just to make sure we’re on the same page, my bluetooth works, but I’m not able to turn off, even after installing the new kext.  Are you able to turn your bluetooth off?Thanks again,  rob

  346. rayen says:

    yes, i can turn it on and off now, it was allways on with old kext or without any,i dont use dsdt, better will be if send you my /Extra directory so you can try if works for youits 10.6.2 ready with 10.6.1 kernel on eee 1000HE, also included chameleon that fixing hibernation bug, voodoops2 and aboutthismac http://www.mediafire.com/?y3zdeknicz2 

  347. rlou says:

    thanks again rayen.  i downloaded from your link and i’ll give it a try.

  348. chris says:

     I am now stuck on 3 issues. 1) No sound2) no wifi3) i cant boot up unless I use the External HDD with the chameleon so I can choose my HD with snow installed.Ethernet is working fine.  

  349. David says:

    At  restart, boot again from the usb stick, an then select OSX inestead of OSX Install,then it will boot from hard drive and you’ll see your new Snow Leopard. The next restart would be normal now (without usb stick).

  350. Jan says:

    Hi, at the moment I run this Setup: http://www.enik.ch/2009/03/osx-leopard-1056-on-the-eee-1000h/ using the adviced “hacked” BIOS. Which makes a few problems on Win7. Now I’m going to install SL, do I still need a “hacked” BIOS? Or can I upgrade to the newest version from ASUS. What about your mentioned “BIOS 2102 from axel_l”?

  351. Jan says:

    okay, found the BIOS in the install pack

  352. Jan says:

    Same Problem here. Solution: 1. Download Chameleon 2 RC3 (google on a second PC/Mac)2. Boot your Hackintosh from USB into OSX3. Install Chameleon 2 RC3 Thast it.

  353. David says:

    Some of us have solved this issue installing from netbookinstaller the old GMA950 kext.

  354. stoobz says:

    ah ok – and how would I have to do that?do I just have to get a copy of the GMA950 kext and install it?or is there something more to it?thnx!!!

  355. David says:

    You have to download the app netbookinstaller (google), and there is an option to install old compatibility  gma950 kext. or something like that.Look at older comments, i explained at early november.

  356. stoobz says:

    ok thanks alot! I will try this later when I´m at home ;)

  357. stoobz says:

    ok I followed the installation instructions for the GMA 950 kext of that blog:http://www.enik.ch/2008/10/osx-leopard-1055-on-the-eee-1000h/screenres is fine now!thnx again!!

  358. admin says:

    This means that you have not followed the guide as you should have (you probably used NetbookInstaller or something similar?) and somehow created a hidden Extra folder.

    That’s why I prefer the manual method – at least you know what you’re doing…
    To get rid of the directory:
    Start Terminal and type:
    sudo -s  (then your password)
    cd /
    ls -a  (you should see the Extra folder)
    rm -Rf /Extra
    Then copy the Extra folder to the root…
  359. admin says:

    Volume control: use the freeware “Spark” this gives you the screen overlay

    For brightness, no overlay possible as for now…
  360. admin says:

    Happened to me on the 1000H. From time to time, the PS2 kext has stuck keys when waking up.

    Just hit ESC if this happens.
  361. admin says:

    Nope.. See here

    You’ll have to change the miniPCI card.
  362. DanM says:

    Yeah I used netbook installer before finishing video 2. That was because there is an error in it.  At the part where you are about to write the boot0 and1 files, you don’t say to type “ls -1″ So I kept getting errors when unsuccessfully trying to write the files. Also next time I rebooted my netbook it gave an error about cpumanagement or something and would not boot so am reinstalling it. I presume this was because I used netbook installer and it installed something not for my eee.Thanks for the help and nice guide. I just need to find a way to update to 10.6.1 without getting 10.6.2 now :(

  363. DanM says:

    I didn’t mean you didn’t show to write ls -1. It’s just that it was a little hard to see and there was no text at the bottom of video like the other times.

  364. bingbing says:

    Sorry, an error in my previous post: I meant „The key next to the left shift key (< > |) isn’t recognized by the system at all.“ 

  365. admin says:

    I had the same problem and solved it with the VoodooPS2 kext and Ukulele, but I don’t remember anymore how I did it exactly.

    I think the problem was, that the keyboard was seen as PS2 and not as native (there is a setting for that in Ukulele if I’m not mistaken), but as I said not sure anymore.
  366. admin says:

    Actually it’s “ls -l” as in a lowercase L

    You don’t really need to type this, it’s only to be sure that you are in the right directory and that the files do exist.
  367. bingbing says:

    Thank you for your reply. Well, so far I have tried several voodoops2 kext files with different effects (key is working suddenly, but the trackpad not, for example…).Hopefully there’s another 1000H user out there who reads this and knows how to fix it exactly in Snow Leopard…

  368. Dave says:

    In the bios, you have to change IDE mode from Enhanced to Compatibility.  That will fix it right up.-Dave

  369. Dave says:

    Actually, there is one thing I’ve noticed not to work..The volume hotkeys don’t control the volume.  I had these working under 10.5.7, but not here. Tried the old dsdt I was using, still no go.

  370. Rob says:

    Wow….thanks!  I have been pulling my hair out!!  I really appreciate the help.  I have another quick question.  I installed the voodoo kext and my sound works, although it seems very quiet but my mic is a no go.  There are options in the device list for two mics, but neither seem to work.  Any ideas?  Cheers.

  371. Rob says:

    Yes…same here.  Volume keys don’t work.  The system volume seems pretty quiet even with the volume all the way up, but maybe thats just the EeePc’s fault?

  372. Rob says:

    I just read this on another site:Since Mac does not support the Eee`s hotkeys for lowering the Volume, you can use the app Spark from http://www.shadowlab.org/Software/spark.php to configure them manually. You have to use ctrl instead of Fn for the  Hotkeys (otherwise the Key combination won`t be recognized).

  373. admin says:

    C’mon, a simple search in the comments would have answered your question (this has been asked at least 10 times).

    I type “ls -l”  (this is a lowercase L and not a 1) in order to check if I’m in the right directory. This is completely optional and thus not documented in the video…



  374. RJ says:

    I discovered how to use -v option in chameleon boot loader. Now the result is a black screen after a lot of lines of text. I used -v and -x option. Do I have to disable/enable something from BIOS?

  375. RJ says:

    Me again,The last lines I can read are:efi_inject_get_devprop_string NULL trying stringdataLoaded HFS+ file: [Extra/smbios.plist] 1244 bytes from 42376a0Patched DMI Table.Loaded HFS+ file: [Extra/DSDT.aml] 21685 bytes from 42376a0Patched ACPI version 1 DSDTStarting Darwin x86and then… black screen

  376. RJ says:

    The problem was my SL distribution. Now I only have the problem of bad resolution: I can’t select 1024×600. I will try SwitchResX or old GMA kext…

  377. RJ says:


  378. matt says:

    ok, found the download for 10.6.1 on the apple site. up and running now – thanks for the guide – one thing i got stuck on was rebooting after the initial os x install – i got the flashing cursor on reboot – had to boot off of the usb stick, press a key to select options and then select the hard disk to boot from – this got me to the stage where i could run all the stuff in the 2nd readme

  379. Crosisq says:

    Whoops!  Accidentally hit send before I was finished typing!Anyhow, I updated to 1104 before reading the details of this guide and realizing that this guide assumes the 1002 BIOS.  Is it possible to downgrade my BIOS?  I have read elsewhere that people have managed to do create dsdt files for the 1104 BIOS, but I can’t find where anyone has posted the dsdt file that they used…  Do I need to learn to create one?  (Not that I’m opposed to learning, just that I’m eager to get OS X installed, and if someone else has already done all of the heavy lifting, why reinvent the wheel?)

  380. rayen says:

    im runing also that new bios on 1000he but i dont use any dsdt file, but everything works also without it – im not sure what for its necessary 

  381. admin says:

    I haven’t had the time to create the modified DSDT for the latest BIOS, sorry.
    If you’d like to do it, just follow my article on technow, here.


  382. flow says:

    i also stucked at the same problem. unfortunately cant install snow leopard without keyboards. please help..

  383. Budske says:

    i forgot to say that im not on the 1002 rev of the bios cos i didnt knew how to downgrade it  i had everything working but im instaling all again and now the keyboard works, but i think i wont work before i restart the netbook

  384. Budske says:

    now im using the on screen keyboard  of win7 cos im using the keyboard on the netbook

  385. flow says:

    i am on 1002 rev. i have rebuilded mkext file and installed snow leopard. it said i have to restart. ok i ve restarted but it isnt contuining. i dont understand. only black screen and blip blip… please help…

  386. Budske says:

    i just fix it…i was changing kext from other guides and updating the extensions.mkext file and i decided to start all over again so i deleted the extra folder with all the changes and put again the Extra folder from the zip, update the extension.mkext, restart and it worked… there is something i dont get… ive used my MacNetBook for at least 1 hour using only the batery and the icon on the menu bar was showing that my battery is 100% charged…

  387. admin says:

    I don’t understand either ;-)

    Please be more specific as to what happens at reboot.
    Until where does it boot?
    If it does not boot at all, then you shot your boot sector (either boot0 or boot1).
    Try to reinstall the boot files as describe in the tuto.

    BTW: Recreating the mkext should NOT cause this behavior…


  388. admin says:

    There is no password on this zip.
    The problem lies with your decompression program.
    Try using another one.


  389. admin says:

    The kexts provided in the tutorial are for 10.6.1.
    So you shouldn’t need to do that.


  390. admin says:

    The DSDT usually is needed to get all the stuff working (screen resolution and brightness, the power button, sleep, fast (eg normal) boot times, …)
    I don’t see how yours works without it but miracles happen ;-)


  391. Mandeep says:

    Actually never mind .. I found the solution.Great Instructions !!!

  392. boolieman says:

    i thought i would embelish, i have created the dmg on my mac osx 10.5.7 hackintosh which i intend to install on, i used an external dvd drive samsung, and then i also tried again thinking i didnt quite format the usb correctly but i got the error again, the error i got was:Restore FailureCould not find any scan information. The source image needs to be imagescanned/scanned for restoreI have tried to create the dmg 3 times now, im thinking that something might be wrong with my drive or my mac but im not sure which to look at first, i do not have any other machines running osx at the moment nor do i have any more external dvd drives.

  393. Mandeep says:

    I encountered same issue twice, I was using a generic 8GB
    USB drive.

    Then I changed to 8GB sandisk SDHC card, it worked fine.  

  394. vodouzh says:

    Finally, I bought Broadcom BCM94311MCG card and replaced my stock Atheros. System recognized this card immediately.  Now wi-fi works and I am happy!

  395. Crosisq says:

    Well, I decided to give it a try.  I perform the two find/replaces you show in the video and then compile again.  I still get additional errors–some of which I might be able to figure out, others…  not as much. The First Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  3102:                             Return (0x0F)Warning  1099 –                                       Statement is unreachable ^ The tutorial doesn’t say anything about this, and there’s no mention of it in DSDT fixes.The Second Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  3882:                             If (Or (ATKN (0×52), \AMW0.AMWN (0x6E)))Warning  1092 –                    Called method may not always return a value ^ Also no mention in the tutorial or fixes.  This goes away after my attempt at fixing the third and fourth errors.The Third Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  5870:             Method (AMWN, 1, Serialized)Warning  1087 –           Not all control paths return a value ^  (AMWN)There are two entries under fixes for this error, neither of which matches exactly, but there is not Store line in the method, so I’m assuming the “Add Return (Zero) to the end of the method” solution is what I want to use.  That makes the error go away… but I have know idea if that means it’s correct.The Fourth Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  6339:                         Name (_T_1, Zero)Remark   5110 –                            Use of compiler reserved name ^  (_T_1)I assume the correct fix for this is to replace _T_1 with T_1.  That makes the error go away…The Fifth Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  6553:                                         Or (0×00030001, Local0)Warning  1105 –                                   Result is not used, operator has no effect ^ Two entries in fixes for this, neither is exactly the same, but my guess is to replace Or (0×00030001, Local0) with Or (Local0, 0×00030001, Local0).  Again, this makes the error go away…The Sixth Error:/Library/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl  7307:             Acquire (MUTE, 0x0FFF)Warning  1104 –                    Possible operator timeout is ignored ^ This is the one we were told to expect which will go away later.So after my guesses at fixes I’m left with the first error and the sixth error.  I decided to proceed on with the tutorial and see what happens.  My next issue is after “Search for ‘(WAK,’”.  It looks like immediately after searching, our code is the same.  I go to hack 25, which looks the same for both of us, copy the code you copy, and paste it where you said to paste it.  In your video though you somewhere get a line that says “Store(\_SB.ATKD.PBLG(),local0)”.  This wasn’t there before you copy and pasted, and it’s not in anything you copy and pasted…  where did this come from?  Do I need to type it in?The next problem I encounter:  For the RTC fix your text says “Go to the ‘HPET’ entry”, but in the video you go to the ‘RTC’ entry.  I assume the video is right, the text is wrong.After that everything seems to go smoothly up until I compile it and get 13 errors, none of which do I know anything about what to do about.This message progresses the way it does because I was writing it as I attempted the tutorial.  Ultimately I just don’t think I know enough about what I’m doing to succeed at this.  I guess I’ll just hope that you or someone else at some point has the time and inclination to create and share a dsdt file for the 1104 BIOS….or if anyone knows how I can downgrade my BIOS without having Windows installed.

  396. Crosisq says:

    Oops…  I didn’t realize this wouldn’t preserve my formatting…  Sorry about the mess.

  397. Masser says:

    Have you used Apple Update to update to 10.6.1 yet?  If not, please do (yes, normal apple update in OSX).  This solved my resolution issues.  If this doesn’t work, try the solution above under Post Installation Problems (beginning with “cd /Extra”). This made my sound work.

  398. Masser says:

    Sorry, I didn’t read it right.  You already have 10.6.1.  Try the extensions.mkext file thing that I suggested then if you haven’t already. 

  399. Pieter says:

    I tried that to and it indeed worked for all other issues. The screen resolution of the 1000H is 1024*600 so you can’t see the lowest/last 168px on the bottom of the screen. If there is a way to adjust the display to 1024*600 it would be solved. Thanks for the reply btw! :)

  400. Masser says:

    That’s really weird.  Once I completed the installation of 10.6, I was in 800×600 but after completing 10.6.1, I was immediately put into 1024×600.  I didn’t have to do a thing — it just found it.  I’m on a 1000HE, however, but I’m aware of any differences in the procedure from my reading.  Sorry I couldn’t help.

  401. Masser says:

    @GatorGolfer:  Thanks for the tip.  I suspected that it might go by another model but was afraid to try.  I gave the RT2870 (which seems to only have USB drivers) and the one down the list for RT2860 (which is PCI).  The second one did the trick.  I really appreciate the lead.  Thank you.  Can you provide any tips on my other two issues, relating to Dual-Boot and Sleep mode?  One more side note on the boot issue.  When I went into System Preferences > Startup Disk and tried to select the drive that has SL on it, it said “the the bless tool cannot set this boot drive” or something to that effect and wouldn’t set it.  I’m going to try my luck with gparted and try to set the partition to active and see if that helps.  Any other thoughts?

  402. Masser says:

    Nope.  Setting the partition to active in gparted didn’t help.  I still arrived at the blinking cursor when booting to the hard drive and when booting from the USB, the partition was no longer even in the boot list.  I set it back to inactive and I’m back where I began (able to boot only using the USB stick).  I wish I could figure out how this boot business works.  In a perfect world, my goal was to take an existing 1000HE setup (with 4 partitions — 1 for windows XP, one for data drive D:, 1 for recovery files and 1 for EFI), delete the second partition and replace it with a SL partition (HFS+, GUID?)  When I tried exactly that, Disk Utility wouldn’t allow me to make changes (+ or -) to any partitions without blowing away everything.  I tried using gparted to make an HFS+ partition of the unallocated space which worked but OSX Install saw it as an invalid drive for install.  I tried repairing and erasing the partition and nothing helped to change that.  In order to make progress, I went ahead with creating a brand new partition in Disk Utility (blowing away the existing 4) and I can install SL with no major issues, aside from the boot and sleep issues described.  Is it possible to do a dual boot with XP and SL, installing XP first (this has to be because I have to use the recovery Asus DVD to rebuild the whole XP installation)?  Has anyone had luck with this? 

  403. admin says:

    I’m on my iPhone, so just a quick reply.
    Unfortunately your partitioning problems are normal…
    There are a lot of discussions around here about that.
    In short:
    GUID does NOT work with XP (only MBR does)
    in order to install OSX to an MBR partition you’ll need to modify a package on the installer USB stick.
    If you system does not boot without the stick, you didn’t correctly write the boot files to the disk ( the existence of th file ‘boot’ at the root is not sufficient. You’ll have to write the MBR and the bootsector as describe in the second part of the tutorial.
    If you do the modification (quite simple) to install to MBR, then you can follow the beginning of my older totorial for installing 10.5.x on this site, which explains just that (XP and OSX dualbooting).

    If this doesn’t help I’ll try to be more precise on Monday on a real keyboard ;-)



  404. Masser says:

    @Admin: Thank you.  That sort of makes sense but I’d appreciate any additional details on the modifications required or a pointer to the article.  As for the boot of my current setup (with only SL), I have followed the instructions to the letter I think, in terms of both creating the bootable USB stick and post-installation.  I didn’t get any errors when I ran the terminal commands provided in the second readme so it seems to have gone well but it just won’t seem to boot (or get past the blinking cursor).  Is there anything that I can do to isolate or troubleshoot further?  Also, any suggestions for the fact that I can’t wake up from sleep?  Is there a special wake key?  Thanks again.

  405. Masser says:

    @Admin:  Can you please provide a link to the article you referenced in the last reply?  Also, can you please provide any tips on what I can do to troubleshoot the boot issue (SL-only system only able to boot from USB) as I have followed the instructions and it still won’t work.  Are there any BIOS settings I have to look out for, for instance?<br>@Anyone:  I now have working Wifi so I am down to 3 issues and would appreciate any help that can be provided:<br>1) Sleep – Does sleep work for anyone using a 1000HE?  I can select Sleep from the menu or close the lid and it sleeps (screen goes black and power light stays on) but I cannot find a way to wake it up.  For those who have it working, did you apply any additional fixes (aside form those provided in these instructions)to make it happen?  What do you do to wake it up?  What keys are used?<br>2) Apple Key – When I attach an external USB keyboard, the keys all seem to be correct, for instance all function keys register and the Windows/command key takes the place of the apple key in all key combos.  The keyboard built into the 1000HE, however, does not seem to register F14, F15 or the command key correctly (command key looks like it registers 5 or 6 different keystrokes at once).  Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas how I can fix it (without messing up the layout for the functioning external keyboard)?<br>3) Power Down – When I shutdown the system, OSX SL shuts down to a black screen but doesn’t power down (the power light is still on and I have to hold the power button down for a few seconds to power down completely).  Is this what everyone else is experiencing?<br>Any help on these issues is greatly appreciated as I am so close.  Thanks.

  406. Masser says:

    @Admin:  You mentioned that you could provide more details on Monday.  Can you please point me in the right direction for the required modifications to get SL installing on MBR?  I’d really appreciate your help.  Also, I think my sleep-related questions are more pressing right now so any help you can provide to get sleep/wake to work would be a major help.  I just realized that it doesn’t even report battery power level correctly, so I’m likely having a general, power-related challenge.  Have others (yourself included) gotten SL to sleep correctly on an Asus 1000HE?  Thanks.

  407. admin says:

    Have you tried another usb stick?
    The strangest things have been reported, depending on some sticks.
    Unfortunately there seems to be no pattern in the ones who work and the ones who don’t…
    Keep us posted.


  408. DW says:

    Nik,I just tried another usb stick and encountered the same problem.  I noticed that when I format the drive in the disk utility it only recognises the drive as being about 7.4 – 7.5 Gb.  Is this likely to be an issue?

  409. Mani says:

    To be more specific, here is the error messagehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/bananasontoast/4029272626/

  410. GatorGolfer11 says:

    I get right at 3 hrs of battery life on a full charge. (1000H) I don’t use after effects so I can’t comment on how well it functions.  

  411. Masser says:

    @henrik:  Yes, it just worked on its own.  I didn’t have to do anything special.  Have you done the 10.6.1 update?  Maybe that was the special ingredient.  Also, I would recommend the suggestion above under “post installation problems” as this seemed to solve a lot of issue automatically.  Other than that, sorry I can’t help you.

  412. admin says:

    External vga is slightly tricky. It only works for extended workspaces. As soon as you try to switch to mirrored mode the screen gets scrambled and it’s extremely difficult to get back.


  413. admin says:

    Sorry, I’m on the road a lot. I’ll post a reply shortly…


  414. GatorGolfer11 says:

    The process probably will, but the install files will change with hardware differences.

  415. admin says:

    No idea. You’ll have to do try and error. While most of the kexts should work the bios won’t (it’s specific to the model).


  416. henrik says:

    I got it working after a few tries. For some reason my Asus 1000H has gotten a bit unreliable after me opening it a few times, modding and playing with the chassis.Don’t try to use mirror, it will result in vertical lines and default mirroring. You have to use the application MirrorDisplays to reverse it. (Google it).

  417. boolieman says:

    well i have tried now with a 8gb micro sdhc san disk with class 4 speed and i still get the same error anyone have a specific drive/sd card that works for sure that i should get to get this thing going?

  418. BrokenApple says:

    Mani- Looked at that pic and thats exactly what I get when I try booting from the SL USB stick created via this video?Tried creating the USB stick several times in-case I missed something. The only thing thats different for me was the DSDT file and my BIOS ver on my 1000HE (1104) The one supplied in the download is for 1002 BIOS.Anyone have some suggestions on getting past this issue for us?

  419. LambdaCalculus379 says:

    You can’t use the “System Restore” discs that come with a Mac system. You need to use a retail disc (i.e. one you can buy at a store) in order to do this. They’re dirt cheap at $29 for a single license, so it’s money well spent.

  420. Eric says:

    Hi, I am running 1000HE with 2gigs and BIOS 1104, the dsdt.aml works for me, can you have a try?http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UFRZ1GTH

  421. Asg says:

    Hi Andy. There is another os x installation pack called netbook installer. http://www.netbookinstaller.com/I’v tried it (made a USB installation via mac) and it works some what for eee pc too.Have a look at “Guides” and then at “NetbookInstaller 2: USB Mac Installation via Any Operating System”.

  422. Asg says:

    Navpad working again after acrinos parttion backup restore. Don’t know what happened. 

  423. Cor says:

    bump ?

  424. Asg says:

    Follow the install_2.readme to write bootfiles to the correct partition and correct HDD. Then you will be able to boot directly from HDD.To install OSX in another partition in same MBR HDD where Windows XP is installed, you have to replace the two mac os x installation files (OSInstall.mpkg and OSInstall) i the USB by getting patched files in section “OSInstall MBR MOD:” at http://osx86.sojugarden.com/downloads/ For Dual booting XP and OS X google “chain0″.I have successfully installed WinXP in 1st partition, then OS X 10.6.0 in 2nd partition and then I am able to dual boot with the help of chain0 solution.

  425. Asg says:

    Use drag & drop instead of writing the whole path:type sudo cp ./boot {here you drag & drop your DVD drive icon from desktop or from file explorer}

  426. foriaa says:

    Hi RJplease help me, I have the same your problem with 1000h and bios 2204.My screen remain with grey bg with apple.I read you fix it because it was the SL distribution. what is this? how can resolve the problem?thank you for your help.

  427. Asg says:

    I have figured out how to successfully update to 10.6.3
    1) Google the patched kernel “MacOSX10.6.3kernel10.3.0_atom32_64.zip” and download it and unpack it and move to file mach_kernel_atom64 the root / of your HDD.
    2) Google “10.6.3 Meklort SleepEnabler” and download the Sleep Enabler & unpack it.
    3) Start Terminal sudo -scd /Extra/Extensionsmv SleepEnabler.kext SleepEnabler.kext.bakcd /Extra mv Extensions.mkext Extensions.mkext.bak./eee-mkext-create.shcp /mach_kernel /mach_kernel.bak
    4) Now update Snow Leopard to 10.6.3 and do not press the restart at the end. I repeat – do not restart or shutdown pc. Just the leave this update window here.
    5) Start Terminalsudo -scd /mv mach_kernel mach_kernel.1063mv mach_kernel_atom64 mach_kernelchown root:wheel mach_kernel
    5) Go back to Update window and now you can press the RESTART button.
    6) Now you are back in updated Snow Leopard 10.6.3
    7) Unpack Meklort’s SleepEnabler.kext and put it to /Extra/Extensionssudo -schown root:wheel /Extra/Extensions/SleepEnabler.kextcd /Extra ./eee-mkext-create.sh
    8) Reboot pc
    9) Now Sleep function will work correctly for your eee pc together with SL 10.6.3!

  428. Harry says:

    Hi Mario. Got the same blinking cursor after successfully install. But I figured it out: do not remove the USB stick from your 1000h(e), (if you changed the boot device priority in the BIOS, change it in order to select your USB stick (MAC OS X Install DVD)).When booting (after the gray screen “Asus EEEPC”) hit F8 several times, you’ll see the bootloader chameleon (a green one) and the systems you can choose to boot: select your Hard drive, then Enter.You’ll boot on your fresh new system, with the Language, keyboard, account creation…In fact, if you watch the part2 of the tutorial, the whole part “Open the Finder” describes how to copy and install that bootloader from the USB Stick, in order to boot without the USB Stick precisely.Now my system is fine, but with no active service for network.However, if the ethernet port doesn’t work , why in v1.3 is it said “Ethernet Fix” ?Thanks!(1000H, 2GB, ROM v2102)

  429. Kevin says:

    I have the same question???

  430. zach says:

    I wound up getting my 1000HE going, but I had to use the Netbook Installer method, such as the one described here… http://www.meklort.com/ and I downloaded an original copy of 10.6.0 from some torrent.  Then, I added the kext files from this site, which I am assuming are geared more specifically towards a 1000HE than what is put on my machine by the NBI program.  Then, I loaded the driver from the Ralink website for the RT2860 (even though there isn’t a 10.6 version), which made my wifi work, though it auto-starts with some of its own software, rather than using the Apple wireless software, kind of a bummer.  Does anyone know a way to fix that?  The DSDT file wouldn’t work for me, I’m guessing because I updated my BIOS to 1104 before I started all this.  So, I guess I’m running without one.  Thanks everybody for all the tutorials!

  431. admin says:

    Sorry for the late answer, but yes you need 10.6.1 or before.

  432. admin says:

    Sorry, but you are out of luck with this method.

    You need a version of OSX before 10.6.1(or equal to) if I remember correctly, as Apple has put in a new kernel without Atom processor support.
    Try google to find how to install the newer versions (I think it is possible by hacking the kernel file (mach_kernel in the root directory).
    Good luck,
  433. admin says:

    Because your browser doesn’t support it, or you browse it with your brand new iPad (in which case you’ll have to complain to Steve directly).

    I just tested it (just in case) and it works perfectly on Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE8 (sic)
  434. Max says:

    Thank you so much for your fast reply. I’ll try what you have suggested

  435. Barry says:

    Hello Melisen,  Were you able to get OS on your s101?  I have a copy of 10.6.3 that I would like to install but I haven’t found a good guide.  Do you know of any luck with getting 10.6.3 on an Eee PC s101?

  436. Mat says:

    Ok, well I copied the drive and upgraded that instance to 10.6.4 and it wont currently boot.  Not into normal mode, nor safe mode.Currently scratching head as to why this is happening.

  437. Stephane says:

    Ok now I got this work but it’s the last step that I can do. when I past “sudo chown root:wheel bootsudo chmod 755 boot”I get “chown: boot: No such file or directory”Why… Please help…Thank you

  438. Tim says:

    Stephanie, how did you get passed this error: “directory /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD does not exist” Thanks!

  439. ilya says:

    think problem maybe [?] with usb sticks is that people need to remove/uninstall proprietary software that is preinstalled in some sticks; e.g. u3 on sandisk cruze. Removal worked for me

  440. Jesse says:

    Hey mate, would you mind quickly explaining how you fixed this problem? I am having this exact problem at the moment =[

  441. Bob says:

    Hi,I just bought a Asus eeePC 1000HE and have followed your instructions to the tee as well as trying other install guides for the 1000HE and general ones.. I have 2GB ram and the latest BIOS 1104 (stock asus latest).. I install and when I am done I reboot and just get a blinking cursor. Please, I have been trying this for like 2 weeks now off and on.Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  442. Bob says:

    Nik or any other folks who can help:So I managed to install 10.6.0 on my 1000HE, I have not ran the shell script for the kexts.. should I before I upgrade to 10.6.1? I am worried about going beyond 10.6.1 due to the removal of support for Atom processors in 6.2 and beyond.Can someone offer me suggestions please?

  443. Bob says:

    Costas,I am sure you figured it out by now to use the 10.6.1 Combo Update from Apple.. I have not done it myself yet.. I am still running 10.6.0.. did you run the script for the mkext’s before updating to 6.1?Thanks

  444. Jose H says:

    Spoke too soon, found it on Apple’s sitehttp://support.apple.com/kb/DL930

  445. Lala says:

    Never mind. I created a new Extentions.mkext and if fixed everything (Audio, Resolution) I guess you can use a 10.6.1 install disk.

  446. sliando says:

    try using NetbookBootMaker.. it works..


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